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What Are The Most Common Types Of Male Jewelry?

Many people in the fashion industry suggest men should use jewelry sparingly and in a subtle way. This means that the most common pieces of male jewelry are functional items such as watches, cufflinks, tie clips, and pieces that have important meanings, such as wedding bands. When choosing a watch, bear in mind that a simple design is more formal, making it a better fit for sophisticated soirees or the office. Watches with cloth bands, digital faces, or sports complications are more casual.

What Are The Four Cs?

Most jewelry men wear is plain metal, usually silver or gold. However, the bezels on watches and small details on rings may introduce diamonds and other precious gems. When shopping for men's jewelry that features diamonds, consumers need to be aware of the four Cs: carat, cut, color, and clarity. Carat is a measurement of mass for precious stones equal to 0.2 grams, and heavier stones are more valuable. Cut does not relate to shape, but instead relates to the quality of the stone, ranging from ideal to poor. Diamonds range in color from Z to D. A D-graded stone is perfectly clear, and any stone graded J or better is of significantly high quality and carries an expensive price tag. Finally, the clarity relates to the number of imperfections or inclusions in the stone.

How Should Men Wear Jewelry?

Every man has his own style, but many fashion experts suggest men should keep it simple when it comes to jewelry. All of the metal in an ensemble should match, so a man wearing a gold ring should also sport gold cufflinks and a gold tie pin. Gold is a warm color that goes well with browns and earth tones, royal blue, and hunter green. Silver is neutral; it is a versatile color that gives a dark gray or black suit sophistication.