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The bare-metal rat rod was exclusively built for Mark Boone Junior, who played Munson on Sons of Anarchy, the hit FX television show.

Ford unveiled the 2019 Bullitt Mustang in Detroit last week. Here are a few ideas to Bullit-ize your current car.

The seller calls it a “life-size Hot Wheels truck” and a “fun donut-making machine.”

The rear-deck lid features a three-dimensional Han Solo from a pivotal scene in “The Empire Strikes Back.”

In 2015, Rutledge Wood asked Randy Allgood to work on cars for the History Channel’s “Lost in Transmission.”

Actress Zoe Bell spends most of the chase scene strapped to the Challenger’s hood. The fittings for those straps are still there.

About 300 separate Chargers were destroyed during the production of The Dukes of Hazzard. But new tribute cars keep showing up.

The Club Coupe survivor would be interesting find, even without a celebrity pedigree or signed guitar that accompanies the sale.

The movie interweaves chapters of Beetle history with its producers’ personal stories of owning a Bug.

When Jeff Gordon's crew chief had a chance to buy the Impala from American Graffiti, it was an easy decision.

The classic Mercedes was once the personal transportation for the King of Rock and Roll.

The rolling boxing-robot repair shop from Real Steel, the 2011 sci-fi classic, is up for auction.

It’s rare for an authentic street-worthy star to hit the auction block with such extreme performance potential.

The standard TS400 could pose as the poster child of slow cars.

It was a drivable car that could be used without Fred or Barney having to run out of breath.

What really sets this faux-Lambo apart is its ability to drive straight into a body of water—and keep on going.

Muscle Truck, a gnarly short-bed pickup, flirted with fame as a Hot Rod magazine project vehicle and then sat for years collecting dust.

Movies such as “Easy Rider” and “The Born Loser” defined America’s 1960s counterculture as much as the Summer of Love.

The film's production brought to life the steam-punk technology utilized by Captain Nemo.

Legend has it that the Turbo-Sonic made just one ill-fated appearance at the drag strip.

It was pulled out of the oven at just the right time to catch a movie star’s attention.