Here are four methods to quickly clear your windows. For example, consider using a deicer spray or frost blanket.

Nobody likes to hear squeaky windshield wiper blades. Don’t turn up the volume on the radio—eliminate that racket. Here's how to do it.

Microfiber cloths are an effective cleaning tool for vehicles. They come with different textures for specific chores.

The number-one cause of glass scratches is old wiper blades. See our guide to inexpensive windshield scratch repairs.

There are three basic windshield wiper fluids—and special ones for winter and cleaning bugs. Which one should you buy?

Worn out windscreen wipers can obscure your vision. See our expert tips for choosing and installing replacement wiper blades.

Dirty wheels and tires can destroy the look of a gorgeous vehicle. Fortunately, it's easy to restore a wheel to like-new condition.

Whitewall tires never completely go out of fashion. Read about how to keep them clean, other tire color options, and using tire inserts.

If your car’s wheels look black when they are supposed to be silver, you’ve seen brake dust in action. Here's how to clean it.

Spring is the perfect time for a stem-to-stern cleaning of your rig. Here's how the experts do it.

A simple DIY cleaning extends the life of your wiper blades, and make driving a lot safer.

When mods are done right, they add tons of style to a car. What does it mean when a car is chopped, decked, peaked and pinched, etc.?

Do you want to add a splash of light to brighten the ground near your vehicle’s door? eBay has a wide selection of puddle lights.

Any car can at least look like it will go faster with a rear spoiler.

Step-by-step guidance for getting the best touchup results. Eliminate chips, transfers and swirls.

The 1955 Crown Victoria pioneered the moonroof, which is common these days. A “basket handle” frames the tinted acrylic panel.

Clay bars were first used at paint shops to help remove excessive spray. Then, detailers discovered how useful they can be.

It's your choice: either wear paint chips as badges of honor or avoid those dings with a car bra.

These ninja hacks can solve some of the trickiest car-care issues.

These front-end pieces look great while adding another layer of safety and protection for your grille, lighting, and radiator.

If you push the limits of your car's handling, there are excellent ways to ensure your safety to the highest level.