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These ninja hacks can solve some of the trickiest car-care issues.

Lockable storage systems, standing workspaces, and multi-tiered drawers.

Metal car keys are a thing of the past.

To badge or de-badge. That is the question.

Car customizers can radically transform the profile of a car with after-market exotic doors.

A strap or latch adds style and helps prevent flying pieces of sheet metal.

Most kits contain everything you need to efficiently repair a chip in about 20 minutes.

Backup cameras, dashboard grip pads, digital tire gauges, dog seat covers, etc.

Do you drive a beater with pride? Then you need to read this.

Replacing most bumpers is an easy task that doesn’t require special tools.

Most damage is easily repairable if caught in time.

Anyone with a little perseverance and patience—and the right products—can easily replace a car’s weather stripping.

Need a precise color match? it’s time to grab that old trusty metal feeler gauge.

One of the craziest car mirrors of all time is the Passing Eye Mirror.

There’s a slippery slope from faux finish to faux pas.

This approach can save you three to four times the cost of a repair at a conventional body shop.

Clay bars were first used at paint shops to help remove overspray. Then, detailers discovered how useful they can be.

How to deal with coffee stains, grease stains, interior odors, and other nuisances.

Here’s how I tackled the clean-up of my 2007 Honda S2000, which had been tucked away all winter.

Little swirls occur when tiny specks of abrasive dirt get accidentally ground into the paint.

Personalize your car with badges, wraps and bumper stickers—which are in abundant supply by at eBay Motors.