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Posts by: Jim Motavalli

VW bugs presented an opportunity for startup coachworks to create new bodies in fiberglass.

The truck represents the historical roots of hot-rodding.

The Civic wasn’t a luxury car, but it was what many Americans wanted.

The car was in as-new condition, with just 1,748 miles on the odometer.

There are about 500,000 people who put down a deposit and are waiting for a Tesla Model 3. But maybe there's a way to skip the line.

Retro, based in Poland, makes aluminum bodies for rare Jaguars—and sells them all over the world.

The Ferrari-like car is a tribute to its creator, who was a gardener—not an engineer.

Restoration of the small, German surf-style wagon was a labor of love.

An average tax refund is enough to get a roadster like the Mazda Miata ready for competitive track duties.

The sauna is fully equipped and ready to go.

The whole left side passenger compartment of the vehicle is hinged gullwing-style.

It was Motor Trend’s Car of the Year. But when did you last see one?

You see plenty of Jaguars, Austin-Healeys, and MGs, but when is the last time you saw a Doretti?

The two high-performance cars were ordered in 1987. They were deemed collectible and put away. 

Learn the new language of 21st-century car headlights: HID, LED, Xenon, etc.

Model As are among the most ubiquitous collector cars, and make a great introduction to the hobby.

The 2007 Range Rover Sport 4.2 was customized by Becks himself, working with the high-end British company Kahn Design.

“There are only a few of these vehicles still existing in the world,” says the seller.

Tastes have changed in favor of compact pickups.

The model was gussied up with fins, quad headlamps, chrome, big tailfins, a hood scoop, and two-tone paint.

Top honors go to a barely used 2015 Rolls-Royce Wraith Base Coupe, which sold for an eBay transaction price of $274,888.