The popularity of rallying has only broadened the appeal of the Porsche 911, leading to high-end trail-ready sports car restorations.

The three-wheeled, two-seat Fuldamobil was one of the funkiest post-war microcars. This bizarre baby blue egg needs a new home.

While their days may be numbered, V-12-powered luxury sedans, sports cars, and luxury SUVs are still available in dealer showrooms.

A vintage Morgan 4/4 is a great way to enjoy the classic roadster lifestyle. You’ll need to turn wrenches, but that’s part of the charm.

RS models like this Avant are modified at the factory. The sporty wagon was never imported to the US.

The Volkswagen Cabriolet first landed in showrooms in 1979. Fewer than 400,000 sold worldwide throughout a 14-year run.

With an aluminum body and a 450 horsepower 5.9-liter V-12, the Aston Martin DB9 Volante picked up where the DB7 left off.

The “nuovo” Fiat 500 is a revered classic, with many finding their way to the USA over the years. This 1970 Lusso is a gem.

A factory Mercedes-Benz 560SEC convertible was not offered from the factory. Straman converted this Diamond Blue beauty.

Flawed IMS bearings are the Achilles' heel of 1997-2008 Porsches. But the engineering problem keeps values at a reasonable level.

Early 3-Series generations are highly collectible. This well-preserved 1983 BMW 320i coupe is an affordable E21 survivor.

Modern cars may have more power, but none have the legacy or street cred of the original Porsche 930 turbo.

A well-sorted Alfa Romeo Spider is an easy-to-live-with classic roadster that brings smiles all around.

Too many modern SUVs become blinged out with chrome and flashy colors, but this looks like the agricultural appliance that it really is.

Saab produced the 900 from 1978 to 1998, but it shared its basic architecture with the Saab 99 that dated back to 1968.

Lowered on BBS wheels, this 1990 GTI from the second generation maintains a clean and unmodified look.

While often overlooked, the Lancia Beta Zagato is one of the cheapest ways to enter the Italian sports car club.

The mid-engine Lotus Elise was introduced in 1996 with a Rover 1.8-liter powerplant. This British Racing Green beauty begs to be driven.

BMW made more than 160,000 tiny Isettas before production ended in 1962.

The 1800 ES hatchback appeared for only two years. You’ll probably never see another one modified into a hearse.

It seems like most V-8 swapped E30 BMWs have Chevy engines these days. This beauty has an M62 engine from a 2000 740i.