Cars that until recently were considered scrap from behind the Iron Curtain now have a cult following.

Fourteen inches shorter and narrower than a Mazda Miata, the MG TC revealed the thrill of two-seat roadsters to Americans.

Models from the late ’70s and early ‘80s are the best bargain in Porsche performance.

The sporty Italian convertible is powered by a 32-valve 4.6-liter SVT Mustang V-8.

When the 944 arrived, the Porsche faithful howled about departing from an air-cooled and rear-engined layout.

The standard car with one carb had 101 horsepower. But this 2002 ti bumps up the power to a zippy 119 HP.

Saabs of this vintage are famous for reaching hundreds of thousands of miles. So this one, offered for $15k, is barely broken in.

With the proven Triumph six-cylinder engine under the hood, the hand-built 2500M is an exotic car but with daily reliability.

Imagine waking up each morning knowing you own a Rolls-Royce. It's attainable.

Triumph TR3s make great inexpensive classics for wind-in-the-hair fun, and they’re not too expensive—even when fully restored.

We can’t think of a more comfortable and capable car to cruise the broad expanse of American highways and byways.

Audi produced fewer than 3,000 RS2 Avants. They are desired by enthusiasts who need Porsche performance paired with wagon utility.

With their oval windows and other charming period touches, early Beetles are the most prized.

This collection of Austins for sale on eBay took about 25 years to amass. The collector tracked down every Austin A40 he could find.

The Mazda rotary engine has become a popular choice for engine swaps. It fits into nearly any engine bay.

Fortunes have changed for the 912. Once thought of as a parts bin for the six-cylinder 911s, the model now has real value.

Imagine the looks you’ll get from friends, neighbors, and co-workers when you pull up in a Bentley.

Some enthusiasts are befuddled by anyone getting excited about a VW hatch. But the R32 is no ordinary hatch.

The Jaguar sedan was in a private collection and unused for 39 years. Its British drawing-room ambiance is hard to replicate.

The 2500 is relatively lightweight. So it allows the driver to focus on analog driving dynamics over raw acceleration.

Builders can be mix and match parts from later cars. That could potentially double or triple the available horsepower.