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A modding trend from Japan could take hold in America.

The Pantera's design heritage spans three continents. Its mechanical backbone is sourced from the plentiful stockpiles of Detroit.

Restoration of the small, German surf-style wagon was a labor of love.

The term “landau” dates back to the horse-and-carriage era and was revived in the 1960s. Is it poised for a comeback?

You see plenty of Jaguars, Austin-Healeys, and MGs, but when is the last time you saw a Doretti?

“There are only a few of these vehicles still existing in the world,” says the seller.

Black Series enhancements are not merely cosmetic, but rather a major performance makeover of an already potent AMG car.

The Lambo tractor is not going to set speed records, but it will do a great job of plowing your fields.

Wilkins drove his find all over Europe, including at the famous Nürburgring racetrack.

The M1 was the first mass-produced mid-engine car made by BMW.

This Volvo 240 had no problem keeping up with the sports car guys on the rally.

The rakish two-door roadster is one of the world’s most collectible cars.

A mind-boggling assortment of extraordinary vintage Ferraris could be seen nearly everywhere we turned.

A juxtaposition of styles makes this bug-p’up truly unique, from the Baja nose to the mushroom-cap rear window.

In the early 1990s, Mercedes and Porsche co-produced the V-8 E500, which set a new standard for powerful luxury mid-size sedans.

The Peel is 54 inches long and 39 wide. The car’s ability to fit in an elevator was tested in 1963.

The Volvo is being offered on eBay with a more street-worthy tune of merely 747 horsepower.

Jaguar just launched a display of its iconic Le Mans winning race cars: the C-Type, D-Type, X-JR-9, and X-JR-12.

Two Berlin-based VW bus experts provide tips on buying and fixing the legendary T3 Transporter.

Bonds didn’t come with a traditional reverse gear.

Volvo Duetts are handsome cars, often with lovely two-tone paint.