To add grunt, you need to burn more fuel. Is it time to consider nitrous oxide? Or a compressed air supercharger?

eBay Motors tackles a pair of verboten builds with two of YouTube’s most notorious automotive pranksters.

DJ Skee told us, “The goal of the Sprinter was to be the ultimate executive/VIP transport and mobile office/lounge ever made.”

The 1,200-horsepower engine was initially built to power a cruise missile before it was latched on the three-wheel motorcycle.

The truck bed houses vintage electrical transformers, insulators, resistors, analog voltage measuring meters, and coiled copper lines.

Blackmon has converted nearly 50 Honda Civics into right-hand-drive cars. This time, he switched up a vintage C-10 truck.

The enthusiast extravaganza featured amazing builder cars, drag and drifting races, and a rubber-burning donut pit.

Freddy “Tavarish” Hernandez is transforming a Chrysler Pacifica into a bonkers rubber-burning minivan.

The Mod Monster is based on a used Ranger previously outfitted for duck hunting.

The actress reincarnated her humble hybrid into a turbocharged, 6-speed manual street racer.

I went a little nuts when I discovered that one of Smokey’s three hot vapor vehicles—the Plymouth Horizon—had just sold on eBay.

Sweeney removed the original driveshaft and swapped in a new automatic transmission—turning the Bronco into her daily driver.

The origins of the Jeep restoration business can be traced to one man's love for a rusted early CJ2A from the 1940s.

The builder chose an ambulance for good reasons—stand-up room, rugged construction, upgraded electrical, and finished cabinets.

The 1965 Superformance Daytona Coupe is, according to the seller, “as close as you can get to the real deal.”

It's not a fast car. And it's not pretty. But you can correct these shortcomings.

The uniquely Japanese style has its roots in the traditional kaido street racer. The rivets need to show.

Master builder J Shia reveals the secrets behind her motorcycle creations: using parts that nobody expects to see on a custom bike.

Joseph Kahn said, “This CTS-V still drives, handles, and sounds like a factory Cadillac—until you get into the throttle.”

The 1977 Civic for sale on eBay needs extensive repair to get it running again. But it’s listed with two magic words: No rust!

An LS engine’s compact size and light weight make it the most popular option for enthusiasts seeking more power under the hood.