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Ray’s voyage into the world of extreme automotive customization began in 2015.

Retro, based in Poland, makes aluminum bodies for rare Jaguars—and sells them all over the world.

The Ferrari-like car is a tribute to its creator, who was a gardener—not an engineer.

The bare-metal rat rod was exclusively built for Mark Boone Junior, who played Munson on Sons of Anarchy, the hit FX television show.

When the car appeared at a few historic vintage races, the reaction from enthusiasts was overwhelming.

Flames were designed to flow along the sides of the engine compartment—as if they were shooting out from the engine block.

The vehicle-in-process is “easily the most spectacular undertaking of all the cars designed and created by Delahaye USA.”

If you saw a hot rod in 1950s movies or TV, it very well could have been the McGee Roadster.

To perfect their cars, the brothers design, engineer, and build custom billet items. And they sell them.

A new crate engine represents state-of-the-art technology. Dropping in a crate engine can also be a major time-saver.

The Chemical Guys, a car detailing supply company, sponsored the display of the hand-built steam-engine vehicle.

The Rally Fighter was the first car to take a collaborative open-source approach to auto manufacturing.

The big reveal of the finished car at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas is just two weeks away.

An affordable bug donor car can be transformed into a powerful hot rod, rugged dune buggy, or pint-sized 1940s delivery wagon.

“Sometimes I go through all the parts on eBay,” said McCloy. “I’ll find a little gem and build a whole entity around that one piece.”

The design goal was to create one sweeping body line from front to end. Meanwhile, the engine produces 627 horsepower.

“It was way cool to hear 530 horses gallop simultaneously underneath the hood,” said celebrity car-builder Rutledge Wood.

A juxtaposition of styles makes this bug-p’up truly unique, from the Baja nose to the mushroom-cap rear window.

“The car is one step closer to being my perfect Mustang,” said Mike Finnegan.

K.C. Mathieu, who painted his first car when he was just 12 years old, has a lifetime of experience in the auto refinishing business.

The sleek silver roadster looks like a glittery concept from the floor of the Detroit Auto Show in 2030.