The Ringbrothers debuted a '69 Charger, a '65 Mustang, and a '61 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II. The brothers sell custom parts on eBay.

The season finale is a behind-the-scenes look at our Hollywood-spec automotive YouTube extravaganza. Spin through all the episodes.

NBC's Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge, hosted by Rutledge Wood, celebrates the history of the world’s most popular toy car—with a twist.

B2R II episode five features ThatDudeInBlue’s sleeper EG and Gears and Gasoline’s Time Attack EK facing off with a 2023 Civic Type R on a twisty canyon road.

Pro racer Hailie Deegan pilots Can-Am Maverick X3 UTVs to battle a swarm of kamikaze dive-bombing drones. This episode is a must-see.

Many iconic, classic cars have unobtainable prices. Perhaps it’s time to consider a replica—sometimes referred to as a clone or tribute.

This sky-high episode answers this question. Will a ride with a modded M4 Competition scare you more than jumping out of an airplane?

After years as a daily driver, T-Pain’s beloved 1994 Honda Accord was ready for a refresh. eBay Motors Renew Your Ride made it happen.

eBay Motors’ sizzling YouTube series Between 2 Rides (B2R) is back for a second season and the first episode is bonkers.

J&P cycles built “the ultimate street hooligan Indian Scout Sixty.”

It seems like most V-8 swapped E30 BMWs have Chevy engines these days. This beauty has an M62 engine from a 2000 740i.

This custom 1975 Ford Pinto "Pinchero" pickup proves the point. Trucks don’t have to be huge to get the job done.

This gorgeous Chevy 3100 pickup truck was restored by students, shown at SEMA, and sold at Barrett-Jackson for $137,500.

Rebuilt and reimagined from the ground up, there's very little of the original motorcycle left in this Revival custom.

Kevin Webb built this gorgeous olive green 1971 Chevy truck to spec for his father's 80th birthday.

Two outstanding custom Cali cars highlight the grand finale—a famous hip-hop lowrider and a powder pink Mazda Miata.

The custom electric cruisers resurrect the old-school cool of a vintage Schwinn: a low stance, big wheels, and useful accoutrements.

When mods are done right, they add tons of style to a car. What does it mean when a car is chopped, decked, peaked and pinched, etc.?

"Modathan," the new video series, is a hysterical, grease-covered relay race with wrenches.

If you had a 797-horsepower Hellcat Redeye drivetrain and $10,000 for a build, what car would you use for the swap?

The ranch truck could have just rolled off a 1970s movie set.