A close look at the ’59 Harvester reveals a Howe logo on the front grille. That indicates that it likely started as a fire truck.

The vintage '56 F-100 panel van is affordable and nicely finished. And it comes with a painted-to-match panel truck go-kart.

The one-of-a-kind wagon was constructed from two other ’62 Darts—a two-door hardtop and a four-door wagon.

This car represents the pinnacle of Nova performance. It offers the model's most potent engine in an otherwise no-frills car.

What do you get when you put 600 hours of work on a rare 1992 Land Rover Defender? This stellar and stylish adventure machine.

Local Motors produced the Rally Fighter for about seven years, following its introduction in 2009. Only about 100 were made.

The ‘54 Willys Jeep has style, colossal horsepower, and the capability to crawl over trail obstacles with ease.

This stunning Cement Gray Beetle uses black oxidized and powder coat finishes. And Cerakote, a coating commonly used on firearms.

Dune buggies and sand rails make for a rollicking good time racing through sand. Here are tips for how to build one.

The ’63 split-window Corvette is not symmetrical. The off-kilter design was modified by long succession of famous car builders.

Every screw is concealed with a plug and smoothed over. The banjo steering wheel is quarter-sawn oak with dovetail biscuit joints.

This 1955 ice cream truck puts out 700 horsepower. Instead of tooling around suburbia, it’s set up for drag strips.

The Lotus Seven is a British roadster produced from 1957 to 1973. The Seven lives on as a kit car, thanks to its timeless style.

The 1965 Lincoln Continental's leather front seats are reasonably padded. But the two in the back are hard metal thrones.

What if, in a parallel universe, Ford decided to use the Thunderbird instead of the Cobra for international endurance racing?

What's the difference between widebody kits versus fender flares? The widebody kit changes the entire appearance of the vehicle.

On Friday, SEMA announced the official winners of its annual Battle of the Builders competition. See photos of the the winners.

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The 1970 K5 Blazer for sale on eBay was built for SEMA 2018. Its body was transformed into an open-air roadster with a pickup profile.

The builders tossed out the original frame and dropped the Country Squire wagon's body on a mid-1960s F-250 Dually pickup frame.

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