Lighting & Lamps

Fog lights look cool. But getting home in one piece is even cooler. LED fog lights increase safety in pea-soup weather.

Illuminated rings around your headlamps increase your ride's curb appeal and brightens the road ahead.

Do you want to add a splash of light to brighten the ground near your vehicle’s door? eBay has a wide selection of puddle lights.

Learn the new language of 21st-century car headlights: HID, LED, Xenon, etc.

Light bars add style to your truck, SUV, or ATV—but they also serve a useful purpose.

The right interior lighting adds personality, splashes of color, and greater utility to your ride.

Make a lasting impression when you leave others in your dust.

The hodgepodge of wiring under a car’s dashboard can look like a disheveled bird’s nest. There’s a solution.

A DIY headlight restoration kit is an inexpensive and easy solution for restoring milky or foggy headlight lenses.

New LED, Xenon, and HID and lights are bright, energy-efficient, and inexpensive. But consider the safety concerns before upgrading.

LED headlights on cars produce brighter light with less heat and energy. But how do you stop them from flickering?

LEDS don't just look cool. They also run cooler, illuminate faster, draw less electricity, and have longer life.

The LED light bar dramatically improved night-time visibility. And it looks cool.