Suspension & Steering

A torsion bar makes it relatively easy to alter your ride height. Get the basics for using a torsion bar key or swapping to a new one.

eBay offers a wide range of full-featured aftermarket steering wheels: wood, leather, carbon fiber, quick-release and classic styles.

Suspension parts wear out over time. It saves time and money to replace all the parts that come in a single suspension kit.

Many new trucks have a slight rake or downward tilt to the front. Installing a leveling kit can correct for the tilt.

To correct these problems, modify the suspension tuning and/or hone your driving skills.

With the press of a button, the amount of air in the bags is adjusted to change your ride height.

Today’s electric power steering conversion kits provide a great driving feel. They also save money on fuel and repairs.

Add tilting and telescoping, an extra short or long column, or even keyless push-button starting.

What does it mean when your car nose-dives, pulls to one side, or has one low corner?

A simple wheel, tire, and suspension upgrade makes a big difference.

Coilovers offer the ability to adjust spring height, shock firmness, or both.

Steering wheels can be beautiful works of art and a defining element of your car’s style.

Enhancing the performance of a car’s suspension is an easy way to improve your ride’s handling.