Suspension & Steering

Rack-and-pinion steering delivers near-effortless precision. Learn how it works, advantages, and new capabilities.

Sway bars ensure that your vehicle doesn't tilt, roll, or sway excessively while cornering. Here's what you need to know.

Tie rods are a vital steering part. See our guide for knowing when worn out tie rods can cause problems.

Nothing wards off a winter chill like a heating steering wheel. If your car isn't equipped with a heated wheel, you have options.

Bushings are doughnut-shaped rings of spongy material used in suspension parts. They play a big role in your car's handling.

A suspension upgrade can transform how your car handles. There are at least four different ways to make it happen.

Upgraded a sway bar improves your car's handling. In most cases, you can complete the job in a single day.

Understeer occurs when the vehicle doesn’t turn as much as a driver expects. Oversteer, also called fish-tailing, is just the opposite.

Coilovers offer the ability to adjust spring height, shock firmness, or both.

Add tilting and telescoping, an extra short or long column, or even keyless push-button starting.

What to look for in a performance shock: how it’s pressurized, adjustability, and the use of external fluid reserves.

When your steering wheel shakes, whines or screeches, it’s a warning sign. So listen up.

Even the most skilled parker might reverse a little close to the curb. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to avoid curb rash.

A torsion bar makes it relatively easy to alter your ride height. Get the basics for using a torsion bar key or swapping to a new one.

eBay offers a wide range of full-featured aftermarket steering wheels: wood, leather, carbon fiber, quick-release and classic styles.

Suspension parts wear out over time. It saves time and money to replace all the parts that come in a single suspension kit.

Many new trucks have a slight rake or downward tilt to the front. Installing a leveling kit can correct for the tilt.

With the press of a button, the amount of air in the bags is adjusted to change your ride height.

Today’s electric power steering conversion kits provide a great driving feel. They also save money on fuel and repairs.

What does it mean when your car nose-dives, pulls to one side, or has one low corner?

A simple wheel, tire, and suspension upgrade makes a big difference.