You don’t have to break the bank to keep things running smoothly on your hard-working machine.

If you have an ATV or UTV with the right snowplow attachment, clearing the white stuff takes minutes—not hours.

Imagine never having to inflate your tires or worry about blowouts. That day is coming. But we still don't know when.

August is here, so it's time to plan your getaway before the summer slips away. Consider one of these top off-road destinations.

Every February, 30,000 off-road enthusiasts descend into Johnson Valley, Calif. for the legendary desert-racing and rock-crawling event.

Excellent trails, gorgeous locations, and cultural history are a winning combination.

With the right gear, and frame of mind, you’ll have a lifetime of ATV fun ahead of you.

You can save a lot of money, if the specific part is a good candidate for buying used.

Consider joining 15,000 other mud fanatics in late march in Jacksonville, Tex.

With a little effort and patience, shoppers can get a great deal on an excellent used ATV or UTV.

The Nissan’s Titan XD fills the gap between conventional heavy and light-duty pickups.

These tasks could make the difference between riding the trails or hauling the rig to the shop.

The course constantly tries to swallow the machines whole.