Air Conditioning & Heat

Freezing weather is coming—so it's time to make sure your car’s heater is up to the challenge. 

Steps to ensure you’ll stay warm and toasty on the most frigid days.

Swamp coolers first became popular in the 1930s. Today, they are an automotive fashion statement but the tech still works.

Are you looking for relief from this summer's record-breaking heat? The solution doesn't have to be expensive or complicated.

Has your ride stopped blowing icy cold air? See our guide for tracking down and fixing common AC problems.

Replace your car’s cabin filter to ensure that your heat and AC run efficiently—and to keep your car’s interior smelling nice.

With a push of the button on a remote fob, your heating system brings the cabin up to a pre-set temperature and defrosts the windshield.

A cabin air filter is like the filter used in your home’s HVAC system. It traps dirt, pollen, and other particulates.

Getting your AC blowing cold air used to mean a recharge of Freon, also known as R12 refrigerant. But now you should use R134a.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your HVAC system smelling sweet.