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Automotive history needs to make room for Bruce Mohs. He created the SafariKar, a hunting vehicle with the upholstery on the outside.

When it comes to American racing history, Richard Petty’s 1960 Plymouth Fury stands apart. The blue #43 beauty has no rivals.

The celebration before a big game or concert requires grilling on location. Here's how to choose the best tailgate grill.

Our favorite tailgating features are slide-out cargo decks, power takeoff outlets, and built-in vacuum cleaners.

It takes the vision and skill of a brave car builder to transform a Volkswagen Beetle into a cute, custom pickup.

The exact number of Egidi Eldorado pickups is anyone’s guess. But the Caddy pickups are, without a doubt, very rare.

Mopeds, scooters, and other motorized two-wheelers are affordable, easy to park, and wicked fun to ride.

The list of custom features includes a seven-inch chop, gull-wing doors, and office chairs reupholstered with marine leather.

How fast could a classic NASCAR Aero Wars car go if equipped with today’s best suspension and tire technology?

The vintage '56 F-100 panel van is affordable and nicely finished. And it comes with a painted-to-match panel truck go-kart.

This vintage Datsun 710 wagon is a barn-find gem ready for restoration. Datsun had marketed the 710 wagon as a “frisky family car.”

Fulfilling the dream of running an ice cream truck business starts with the right vehicle. eBay offers a heaping of options.

Most folks will assume that the Autovilla compact motorhome is the product of a backyard builder. That's not the case.

If your cabin console is in bad shape, it's time to peruse eBay's extensive inventory of new, used, and classic center consoles.

The goal was to showcase the GT500’s exceptional grip while allowing the car to stretch its legs.

Local Motors produced the Rally Fighter for about seven years, following its introduction in 2009. Only about 100 were made.

Father’s Day takes on a new dimension when dad’s a car fanatic. This guide can help you plan for the celebration on June 20.

Is this 1969 barn find Camaro's missing title a red flag? While it has Z/28 emblems and trim, it's not a real-deal Z/28.

Where you can’t see, danger lurks. Thankfully, an aftermarket blind-spot detection system can warn you about an approaching car.

The modern, angular supercar was custom-built for Shaq's 7-foot, 1-inch frame. The seats are supersized and the engine is supercharged.

It took eight months for the ultra-iconic 1955 Chevrolet to progress from shell to street worthy.