Automakers equip their sport models with summer tires. But summer tires aren’t suitable year-round.

When it comes to American racing history, Richard Petty’s 1960 Plymouth Fury stands apart. The blue #43 beauty has no rivals.

The Volvo 544 was an exceptionally durable automobile. They routinely cover 300,000 miles.

The ’54 Dodge retains all the original factory equipment specified for pace car duty. That starts with its 241 cubic-inch Hemi V-8.

It's probably the only example of an E30 S3 in the US. This '89 BMW 325i could change how American enthusiasts see hatchback wagons.

How fast could a classic NASCAR Aero Wars car go if equipped with today’s best suspension and tire technology?

The small but mighty 1971 AMC Hornet SC/360 belonged to one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

When the owner put it on the dyno, it registered a whopping 1,031 horsepower and 900 pound-feet of torque.

The goal was to showcase the GT500’s exceptional grip while allowing the car to stretch its legs.

Local Motors produced the Rally Fighter for about seven years, following its introduction in 2009. Only about 100 were made.

The Jaguar XJS 2+2 grand tourer retains its beautiful original lines, but enhanced power is now the main attraction.

A PDR makes a video—and tracks GPS coordinates and engine data. It gives you a data-rich picture of your driving performance.

The Studebaker Avanti is one of the most overlooked supercars from the 1960s.

The modern, angular supercar was custom-built for Shaq's 7-foot, 1-inch frame. The seats are supersized and the engine is supercharged.

Wearing a car racing helmet is absolutely essential for anybody putting a vehicle on a track. But what kind of helmet should you buy?

The 1976 Datsun 280Z currently is a sleek rally-ready beast. It's equipped with skid plates and Baja-style lights.

The fundamental purpose of a racing seat is to hold the driver firmly in place. What else do you need to know?

A mid-engine layout has many advantages. But can you land a mid-engine sports car for less than $10,000? eBay says yes.

The ultimate version of the Ferrari 488 supercar is the Pista. It gets oomph from the most powerful V-8 engine in Ferrari history.

The Slingshot car is a three-wheeled, two-seat sports vehicle. The “Slingshot” name is appropriate for this little road rocket.

What's the difference between Pro Street, Pro Touring and Stage Rally? We define these racing styles and the essential gear.