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Sports Cars

The car was in as-new condition, with just 1,748 miles on the odometer.

There are about 500,000 people who put down a deposit and are waiting for a Tesla Model 3. But maybe there's a way to skip the line.

Black Series enhancements are not merely cosmetic, but rather a major performance makeover of an already potent AMG car.

The M1 was the first mass-produced mid-engine car made by BMW.

The Volvo is being offered on eBay with a more street-worthy tune of merely 747 horsepower.

There’s a lesson to be learned from SRT engineers. Adding bigger wheels and tires boosts performance.

On top of being fully loaded with 638 horsepower, the Corvette was ordered for NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

The first day of the course culminates with hot laps with the driving pros.

Mopar chose the Challenger because it’s the most customized of all Fiat-Chrysler vehicles.

Any car can at least look like it will go faster with a rear spoiler.

The 1960 CERV 1 set the stage for future generations of Corvettes with a long list of innovations.

Porsche boldly breaks from 911 tradition by moving the engine from the rear to the middle of the chassis.

Automakers brought some of their most exciting models—vehicles you don't commonly see on the streets.

A mash of the throttle and it all became one big beautiful blur.

Performance at an affordable price remains the key.

Matkovich parked the ‘68 Corvette behind his garage and retired from the track. Then, fast-forward 28 years.

Its outrageous 815-horsepower output is double that of most Corvette engines available when this C2 was new.

The 406 mill available on the ’62 Galaxie was aimed directly at amateur racers.

BMW utilizes the strategy with its limited-edition 500-horsepower 2017 BMW M4 GTS.

Some car guys say, “They don’t make them like they used to.” That's not always true.

The Fiat’s personality is raucous, with a wonderfully raspy exhaust note.