With a 173-horsepower 1.6-liter engine, the Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg is a stealthy hot hatch. This one was upgraded into a track weapon.

Today, Subaru is known mainly for outdoorsy vehicles. But in the 1990s, it built the SVX, a veritable spaceship on wheels.

For serious off-roaders, the Land Cruiser Prado excels because the smaller dimensions let the rig squeeze between trees and boulders.

Enthusiasts refer to the Datsun 1500, 1600, and 2000 as the Fairlady roadster. It introduced Americans to Japanese sports cars.

The Mazda RX-3's light weight and powerful rotary engine make it a track weapon of choice. This rocket was built for the quarter-mile.

Sold from 1986 to 1992, the A70 wasn’t a powerhouse like the younger A80. But it hints at the hard-core track weapon that soon followed.

With looks ported from the jaw-dropping LF-LC concept car, the 5.0-liter V-8 Lexus LC500 flagship is a stunner.

While the word iconic gets thrown around often, the Kenmeri Nissan Skyline deserves the description.

With on-demand 4WD and a fold-down cargo bed, the Suzuki Carry kei truck is an awesome and affordable alternative to a side-by-side UTV.

Fifty years after the adorable 1974 Civic went on sale, it still goes further on a gallon of gas than most cars on American roads.

The first-generation Acura NSX is considered one of the greatest driver’s cars ever built. This second-gen 2005 is a prime example.

The Datsun 280Z and 260Z make the perfect platform for a custom Z, because they’re not as collectible or valuable as the 240Z.

The Isuzu Trooper hit the market in September 1981, before the 4Runner, Pathfinder, and Montero.

Penned by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the Isuzu Impulse began life as the Asso di Fior concept, shown at the 1979 Geneva Motor Show.

The fifth-generation Honda Prelude was one of the finest driver’s cars from the golden age of affordable sports coupes.

The cleverly packaged Mazda Bongo van accommodates up to eight passengers, with a boxy shape that maximizes interior room.

The versatile Mitsubishi L200 was built from 1986 to 1997. It was sold in America as the Dodge Ram 50 in the late 1990s.

It’s a stretch to call a two-decade old luxury SUV a collector car. But the 2003 Infiniti QX4 holds a nostalgic appeal.

A mid-engine Toyota MR2 Spyder and Mazda Miata are similar in weight and power. But there are good reasons to go with the MR2.

The Mazdaspeed3 might be the sleepiest hot hatchback built in the past two decades. It's a performance bargain for those in the know.

The Dodge Stealth R/T has advantages over its cousin, the Mitsubishi 3000GT. Who can argue with its lower price tag and sleek styling?