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Posts by: Mark Bach

There's an inexpensive and easy solution for restoring milky or yellowed headlight lenses.

Some safety advocates believe that colorful designs increase rider visibility.

The obscure Durant is also credited as the founder of our modern system of automobile dealer franchises.

Make a lasting impression when you leave others in your dust.

A supercharger is one of the fastest and most accessible ways to add a couple of hundred ponies.

The right interior lighting adds personality, splashes of color, and greater utility to your ride.

To badge or de-badge. That is the question.

The style is characterized by a chopped roofline, a low stance, and ultra-flat body lines.

The Cadillac Coupe de Ville, Chrysler Imperial, Buick Elektra, and other kings of the road.

Car customizers can radically transform the profile of a car with after-market exotic doors.

The Lazair has a place in aviation history as one of the first affordable twin-engine ultralights.

A strap or latch adds style and helps prevent flying pieces of sheet metal.

If the other custom features don’t receive notice, a blast from the car’s horn—liberated from a locomotive—will get your attention.

The bare-metal rat rod was exclusively built for Mark Boone Junior, who played Munson on Sons of Anarchy, the hit FX television show.

The seller calls it a “life-size Hot Wheels truck” and a “fun donut-making machine.”

Seeing the same numbers on the vehicle body, engine block, and transmission is reassuring for classic-car purists.

When the car appeared at a few historic vintage races, the reaction from enthusiasts was overwhelming.

Flames were designed to flow along the sides of the engine compartment—as if they were shooting out from the engine block.

The upcoming 2018 Chevy Corvette ZR-1 is the fourth model to carry the legendary nameplate.

Keeping your tools organized will make your life easier.

Add these useful items to your glove compartment for greater utility and safety.