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eBay launches enhanced vehicles app powered by cutting edge technology, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Car...

Driving your car on the track is one of the most rewarding activities a performance fan can experience. Here’s how to get started.

A tablet mounted on your dash opens up a world of possibilities for digital gauges, cameras, and useful driving apps.


Japanese Micro-Vans Modded to Look Like Mini-VWs

A modding trend from Japan could take hold in America.

By Daniel Gray


This 1923 Durant Sedan Was Produced by the Nearly Forgotten Founder of General Motors

The obscure Durant is also credited as the founder of our modern system of automobile dealer franchises.

By Mark Bach

There's an inexpensive and easy solution for restoring milky or yellowed headlight lenses.

There’s no faster way to dramatically change the appearance of a vehicle.

It’s a combination of styling, powertrain technology, infotainment, and most important, the ability to customize.

Some safety advocates believe that colorful designs increase rider visibility.

These ninja hacks can solve some of the trickiest car-care issues.

Hood ornaments, antique gas pumps, pedal cars, road signs, etc.