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It was Motor Trend’s Car of the Year. But when did you last see one?

Car customizers can radically transform the profile of a car with after-market exotic doors.

Add tilting and telescoping, an extra short or long column, or even keyless push-button starting.


1954 Swallow Doretti Sounds Italian But It’s a Triumph-Jaguar Blend

You see plenty of Jaguars, Austin-Healeys, and MGs, but when is the last time you saw a Doretti?

By Jim Motavalli


These ’87 Buick Grand National Twins—With Sequential VIN Numbers—Slept Side-by-Side for 30 Years

The two high-performance cars were ordered in 1987. They were deemed collectible and put away. 

By Jim Motavalli

By the mid-1930s, you could get whitewalls on almost any vehicle. The style evolved from there.

The Lazair has a place in aviation history as one of the first affordable twin-engine ultralights.

Your emergency parking brake is the essential mechanical device that holds the vehicle in place when parked.

A strap or latch adds style and helps prevent flying pieces of sheet metal.

Most kits contain everything you need to efficiently repair a chip in about 20 minutes.

The racing Rickman brothers began modifying BSA motorcycles for enhanced performance in the 1960s.