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The obscure Durant is also credited as the founder of our modern system of automobile dealer franchises.

The truck represents the historical roots of hot-rodding.

The car was in as-new condition, with just 1,748 miles on the odometer.

The style is characterized by a chopped roofline, a low stance, and ultra-flat body lines.

The term “landau” dates back to the horse-and-carriage era and was revived in the 1960s. Is it poised for a comeback?

The Cadillac Coupe de Ville, Chrysler Imperial, Buick Elektra, and other kings of the road.

It was Motor Trend’s Car of the Year. But when did you last see one?

The two high-performance cars were ordered in 1987. They were deemed collectible and put away. 

Model As are among the most ubiquitous collector cars, and make a great introduction to the hobby.

Ford unveiled the 2019 Bullitt Mustang in Detroit last week. Here are a few ideas to Bullit-ize your current car.

When the car appeared at a few historic vintage races, the reaction from enthusiasts was overwhelming.

The model was gussied up with fins, quad headlamps, chrome, big tailfins, a hood scoop, and two-tone paint.

Flames were designed to flow along the sides of the engine compartment—as if they were shooting out from the engine block.

The upcoming 2018 Chevy Corvette ZR-1 is the fourth model to carry the legendary nameplate.

If you saw a hot rod in 1950s movies or TV, it very well could have been the McGee Roadster.

To perfect their cars, the brothers design, engineer, and build custom billet items. And they sell them.

Pictures of the Stanmobile make for a good guessing game. Which part comes from what car?

The bare-bones car purchased on eBay Motors in May was transformed by October into a one-of-a-kind rally-ready restomod.

“Now, it's a beautiful running and driving piece of art,” said Rutledge Wood.

Derelict cars are under-the-radar modernized hot rods that retain much of their rough outward appearances.

Beautiful automotive design, such as the crisp and clean corners of a square-body truck, never goes out of style.