The vintage '56 F-100 panel van is affordable and nicely finished. And it comes with a painted-to-match panel truck go-kart.

This vintage Datsun 710 wagon is a barn-find gem ready for restoration. Datsun had marketed the 710 wagon as a “frisky family car.”

Who owned this elegant 1959 Mark IX Jaguar sedan for sale on eBay? None other than Tommy Chong, half of the comedy duo Cheech and Chong.


The Last Split-Window Corvette to Roll Off the Line

Seller John Garofalo describes the last split-window car as perhaps “the most desirable and sought-after Corvette ever produced.”

By Jim Volgarino


The World’s Only Dodge Dart Two-Door Hardtop Hemi Wagon

The one-of-a-kind wagon was constructed from two other ’62 Darts—a two-door hardtop and a four-door wagon.

By Jim Travers

It's a Harley-Davidson beauty that's 100-percent true to what rolled out of the factor a half-century ago.

Fulfilling the dream of running an ice cream truck business starts with the right vehicle. eBay offers a heaping of options.

Hot rodders proudly display fuzzy dice to convey a love of speed. What else can you hang from the rearview mirror?

A summer tire allows for better traction and handling during hot weather and in the rain. You'll notice the difference right away.

This car represents the pinnacle of Nova performance. It offers the model's most potent engine in an otherwise no-frills car.

Most folks will assume that the Autovilla compact motorhome is the product of a backyard builder. That's not the case.