The beauty of lowrider culture is a sense of freedom that all modifications are fair game. You have a blank slate to make a statement.

There's a well-preserved Florida '74 Gremlin X V-8. Then again, the shiny orange survivor driven by Eminem and Beastie Boys looks good.

Even the most skilled parker might reverse a little close to the curb. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to avoid curb rash.


A 1976 Ford Maverick Stallion Modded for More Attitude

The Maverick Stallion Edition, like the one now offered on eBay, is a performance car far removed from the model's humble roots.

By Jim Travers


A Rare 1974 Toyota Corona Mark II Wagon is Back on the Road

The Japanese automaker made millions of every model, right? Not so. For example, have you ever seen a '74 Toyota Corona wagon?

By Jim Motavalli

Some safety advocates believe that colorful designs increase rider visibility.

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The 535is's distinctive steering feel and brake feedback is what makes BMW the ultimate driving machine.

The bike-crazed Geeson brothers restored and showed off vintage motorcycles for 22 years.

This 1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60, with a Buy-It-Now price of $11,500, is just a few tweaks away from becoming something special.

If you have basic electrical wiring skills, a DIY upgrade to add cruise control can happen in an hour or two.