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It appears that we are in the midst of a Cab-Over-Engine truck revival. Bring it on.

The big and bulky forms of the pre-war period were replaced by sleek shapes, highly influenced by jets and rockets.

An affordable bug donor car can be transformed into a powerful hot rod, rugged dune buggy, or pint-sized 1940s delivery wagon.


Don’t Have $10 Million for a Mercedes 540K? Check Out This Hand-Built Replica

The rakish two-door roadster is one of the world’s most collectible cars.

By Jim Motavalli


Corvette Owner Restored His ’61 Classic—34 Years After It Broke Down

For more than 30 years, wherever he moved, he brought the Corvette along—vowing one day to restore its beauty.

By Mark Bach

High-speed combustion gives the base engine better power off the line.

A mind-boggling assortment of extraordinary vintage Ferraris could be seen nearly everywhere we turned.

There are no front doors. Entry to the cabin is through a single door on the passenger side behind the front seats.

The money raised by the Cadillac, signed by the current members of Journey, will support a large hospital in Haiti.

The eBay Motors ’67 Fastback is an homage to the original first-generation Mustang—but also creates something completely new.

“My goal was to amplify the ridiculous, the cool, and the excess that this car stands for,” said the seller.