The first shaved door handles appeared in the late 1940s. The design innovation continues to provides the cool, streamlined look for...

Wearing a car racing helmet is absolutely essential for anybody putting a vehicle on a track. But what kind of helmet should you buy?

The 1972 Oldsmobile 442 example for sale now on eBay represents the pinnacle of the model’s evolution.


Rare 1971 Dormobile Camper Ready for Adventure Travel

This Dormobile is both a capable overlanding machine and a handsome show-worthy example of automotive history.

By Mark Bach


A Perfect Example of Israel’s Only Sports Car

Sabra built only 354 of these little gems. The one for sale on eBay could be the best example of the Sabra convertible in the world.

By Jim Motavalli

Resetting your tire pressure monitoring system probably requires using a TPMS relearn tool.

A relatively restrained use of chrome gives the Seville an elegant and subtly luxurious look, at least by 1957 standards.

These bikes had some nifty features, such as replacing the oil tank with an oil-in-frame setup.

Barrett-Jackson sold more than 1,000 vehicles, with receipts tallying $95 million. The event reflects a return to business as usual.

The long-time DeLorean fan added a turbocharger and an iPad-powered dashboard—complete with head-up display. The response was fantastic.

Once upon a time in America, two-door wagons were a thing. This restomod 1964 Chevelle 300 wagon shows how cool they were.