Automotive history needs to make room for Bruce Mohs. He created the SafariKar, a hunting vehicle with the upholstery on the outside.

How do you turn your vehicle into a picnic party scene? With shade, audio, lights, and storage.

The celebration before a big game or concert requires grilling on location. Here's how to choose the best tailgate grill.

Our favorite tailgating features are slide-out cargo decks, power takeoff outlets, and built-in vacuum cleaners.

There are three primary options for off-road GPS. Knowing which navigation product to buy is based on how you plan to use it.

The Meyers Tow'd is a 900-pound fun machine designed to be towed to your favorite dune.

The Amphicar is one of the most unusual entries in automotive history. The impeccable example on eBay is selling for $140,000.

It takes the vision and skill of a brave car builder to transform a Volkswagen Beetle into a cute, custom pickup.

The exact number of Egidi Eldorado pickups is anyone’s guess. But the Caddy pickups are, without a doubt, very rare.

These recommendations will help you make the best possible deal and most secure transaction for a car purchased from a private party.

Justin Culver never wanted a monster truck. That is, until he spotted a discarded 1976 Ford Highboy truck on the side of the road.

The list of custom features includes a seven-inch chop, gull-wing doors, and office chairs reupholstered with marine leather.

August is here, so it's time to plan your getaway before the summer slips away. Consider one of these top off-road destinations.

A close look at the ’59 Harvester reveals a Howe logo on the front grille. That indicates that it likely started as a fire truck.

The vintage '56 F-100 panel van is affordable and nicely finished. And it comes with a painted-to-match panel truck go-kart.

Fulfilling the dream of running an ice cream truck business starts with the right vehicle. eBay offers a heaping of options.

Seller John Garofalo describes the last split-window car as perhaps “the most desirable and sought-after Corvette ever produced.”

The one-of-a-kind wagon was constructed from two other ’62 Darts—a two-door hardtop and a four-door wagon.

The small but mighty 1971 AMC Hornet SC/360 belonged to one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

This car represents the pinnacle of Nova performance. It offers the model's most potent engine in an otherwise no-frills car.

Most folks will assume that the Autovilla compact motorhome is the product of a backyard builder. That's not the case.