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LIghts kits, satellite phones, off-road tires, car tents, winches, and everything you need to escape into the wild.

It’s a combination of styling, powertrain technology, infotainment, and most important, the ability to customize.

A modding trend from Japan could take hold in America.

Hood ornaments, antique gas pumps, pedal cars, road signs, etc.

VW bugs presented an opportunity for startup coachworks to create new bodies in fiberglass.

Ray’s voyage into the world of extreme automotive customization began in 2015.

At its peak in the mid-1950s, a fleet of about 2,000 trucks zig-zagged through American suburbs.

Lockable storage systems, standing workspaces, and multi-tiered drawers.

New pickups have increased storage, function, and technology. These can also be added to existing trucks.

Retro, based in Poland, makes aluminum bodies for rare Jaguars—and sells them all over the world.

The back end of your truck is all business. But the front gives it a unique style.

The Ferrari-like car is a tribute to its creator, who was a gardener—not an engineer.

The sauna is fully equipped and ready to go.

The whole left side passenger compartment of the vehicle is hinged gullwing-style.

You can put your SUV or truck in world-class condition with a few modest upgrades.

By the mid-1930s, you could get whitewalls on almost any vehicle. The style evolved from there.

The Lazair has a place in aviation history as one of the first affordable twin-engine ultralights.

The 2007 Range Rover Sport 4.2 was customized by Becks himself, working with the high-end British company Kahn Design.

The bare-metal rat rod was exclusively built for Mark Boone Junior, who played Munson on Sons of Anarchy, the hit FX television show.

Ford unveiled the 2019 Bullitt Mustang in Detroit last week. Here are a few ideas to Bullit-ize your current car.

“There are only a few of these vehicles still existing in the world,” says the seller.