Brakes & Brake Parts

It's very easy to bleed and replace your brake fluid. It should be done at least about every two years.

The list of warning signs includes squealing, vibrating, feeling spongy and emitting a burnt smell.

If you are adding power under the hood, your brakes probably need attention as well.

The key is to match the type of brake pad material to your driving needs. Mismatched brake pads can reduce your stopping capabilities.

If brake fluid is neglected, it can compromise safety and cost big bucks to repair.

Are your brakes not working as well anymore? Do they squeak? The rotors could be the culprit.

Drum brakes have well-known shortcomings. Fortunately, converting from drum to disc brakes is a straightforward task.

Can machining the rotors fix a brake judder? The answer depends on the cause of the noise.

Your emergency parking brake is the essential mechanical device that holds the vehicle in place when parked.

If your brake calipers and rotors are visible, you should dress them up with some visual flair.

With a few basic tools and a couple of hours, you can restore your braking system to its top condition.

Without proper gear, a hard stop can cause a collision between the truck and trailer.