Brakes & Brake Parts

The Center High Mount Stop Light (CHMSL) has been the law in the United States for nearly four decades. It can be a lifesaver.

The brake pedal turns foot pressure into braking power. Learn about brake pedals, including problems, upgrades, and custom covers.

To ensure all air gets out of your brakes, you want to follow proper procedures. Avoid the most common missteps when bleeding brakes.

When you have the right tools to change brakes, it turns a tedious task into a fun job. Here's what you need to know.

Our guide explains when and how to use these powerful cleaning products effectively and safely.

Learn about adjustable trailer brake controllers needed for towing heavy loads. Read about the controller types and how to install one.

Before you change the brake pads, you should know how to compress a brake caliper. Here are the steps.

Several factors determine the best brake caliper positions. Get the details about why certain locations and positions are used.

Read about brake caliper design, including fixed versus floating, the number of pistons, and aluminum calipers.

Learn how to estimate the cost for front or rear brake replacement. We provide specific estimates based on popular models.

The list of warning signs includes squealing, vibrating, feeling spongy and emitting a burnt smell.

Found mainly on semi trucks with diesel engines, a Jake brake creates a thunderous sound while slowing the truck.

The brake booster multiplies the force from the brake pedal to assist in slowing a vehicle. Most vehicles use a vacuum booster.

Painting brake calipers is an easy and inexpensive D-I-Y project that adds a distinctive touch your vehicle.

When air gets into your brake system, it must be bled. Thankfully, you can get air out of brake lines without a brake bleeder.

A sticking brake caliper can cause a car to pull to one side. Learn how to repair bad calipers before an accident occurs.

Changing your brake fluid is a basic maintenance task. This guide explains how to change brake fluid and detect any problems.

If your car’s wheels look black when they are supposed to be silver, you’ve seen brake dust in action. Here's how to clean it.

If your vehicle veers sharply while braking, the brakes might have locked. What causes brake lock-up and how can it be fixed?

This concise overview of braking systems explains how each setup works and how they differ from one another.

Greasing braking pads may seem counterintuitive because friction is required. But when done right, it makes a big difference.