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14 Crazy Car Mods

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With automotive technology moving at such a rapid pace, it can be natural to wonder what the cars of the future may look like. However, for those who just can’t wait to see some crazy works of automotive art, the cars of the past can be just as helpful, as they are often the blank canvas for artists and car enthusiasts looking to turn heads, turn a profit, or simply turn an old clunker into a fun project. The following are some of the craziest car mods out there.

1. Mustang Pool Table

Mustang pool table

Giving alternate meaning to the phrase “don’t lean on the car,” this replica of a 1965 Mustang was designed specifically to be a pool table. Although the front and rear are reproduced to scale, the middle is shorter, to accommodate the regulation length of a pool table.  With working headlights, chrome accents, and official Ford licensing, this table is the perfect collector’s piece for anyone with $15,000 lying around.

2. Xbox Kit

xbox car kit

For serious gamers on the go, this modification kit turns the inside of any car into the inside of any basement. Complete with controllers, green LEDs, and an in-dash replica Xbox 360, this modification kit is a tribute to all things Xbox. While this car is completely safe to drive, motorists should still hope to avoid the “red ring of death.”

3. Cadillac Escalade

magic school bus cadillac

Fans of the Magic School Bus flock to this low-rider Escalade, as it looks like something out of a cartoon, more than out of a car show. Nevertheless, its style is undeniably unique, even if it is more goofy than badass. Although most of the original body has been replaced (leaving only the grill for identification purposes), this Caddy is the first once since Ghostbusters to be so fun-lovingly tricked out.


disk drv car

For all of those nerds, and all of their nerdy cars, there is hope yet of becoming L33T. With a quick (well, time consuming, actually) modification to your old, crappy car, you can be driving a pimping disk drive! Yes, this one even includes the customized “DISKDRV” plate for pomp. Drivers of this car instantly gain street cred with redditors.

5. Pig

pig car

What’s most upsetting about this pig car is that it used to be a Mercedes. It’s difficult to say who would turn a $60,000 luxury car into a piece of bacon on wheels, or moreover WHY such a thing would be done, but seeing is believing and this car is hard to miss. Complete with massive ears and a curly tail, this car is perfect for people whose two favorite movies are Babe and Ronin.

6. Rocket Car

rocket car

Although the incorporation of twin GE jet engines in the trunk really does a number to your cargo space, it is certain to get people to notice you. Whether or not these engines work is a matter of speculation, but one thing is for certain: people who have a hard time parallel parking should not invest in a car such as this.

7. Car Stereo

car stereo boombox

Perfect for the DJ on the go (who only works outdoor functions), this car-turned-turntable is a pretty awesome use of a clunker. With a custom body kit, and what can only be a truck load (literally) of audio power, this mod ensures that your can can be both seen and heard from blocks away.

8. It’s on Like Donkey Kong

donkey kong ride

Low riders are all the rage on the tricked-out car circuit, which is why this Donkey Kong classic car is not on the tricked-out car circuit. Perfect for smashing barrels and mowing down Italian plumbers, this high-rider is the envy of gamers and gorillas everywhere.

9. Turtle

VW bug transformed into turtle

The only car mod to turn one animal theme into another, this VW bug turned turtle is perfect for those who prefer reptiles over anthropods. Although modeling a car after a turtle is not the most flattering way to comment on speed, it is certanly an easy way to turn heads (the ones that aren’t hiding in their shells).

10. Japanese Batmobile

Japanese Batmobile


Speaking of things that would make Batman vomit, we proudly present this Batmobile-wannabe. A Toyota van from Japan (and customized there as well), this purple Bat-van is large, loud, and probably not very fast. Although the Batman Forever movie poster slapped on the side is a nice touch, the rest of this van looks like a concept that should have been scrapped.

11. Low Rider


So low to the ground as to be perilous to drive on anything other than perfectly paved streets and flat grass, this low rider is mostly eye candy. The driver must protect it from rain, humidity, snow, extreme heat, well…all weather, really. Not able to drive faster than 25 due to the lack of a windshield, this car is still worth its hefty implicit and explicit prices, just because it’s gorgeous.

12. Dekotora Diesel

dekota diesel

‘Big in Japan,’ this Dekotora-fashioned diesel is well known to other Dekotora designers. Why not pimp your diesel, especially if you live in it 200 days of the year, 20-hours a day? And night, actually…

dekotora diesel

This is one design that doesn’t require brights for nighttime driving! The Dekotora goes on exhibition during the owner’s off-season.

13. VW Topsy-Turvy Bug

VW topsy-turvy bug

Popular on the parade circuit, and pretty much nowhere else (because it can’t legally be driven on public streets without permission), this VW is a Roger Rabbit-like charmer. Usually photographed with heels on the feet, this image was captured after an unexpected bump in the road.

14. Stilleto

Stilleto Car

The devil might wear Prada, but you will want to wear this shoe to work! Sleek, sophisticated, and somewhat aerodynamic, this stiletto-mobile is a classic. Women everywhere will turn green with envy, color coordinating your great shoe, instantly!


Although some of the cars on this list were originally very affordable, there is no shortage of car enthusiasts willing to pump thousands of dollars into making them expensive, exotic, and in some cases, straight-up gaudy. While many of these cars are solely for show purposes (as opposed to trips to the grocery store), they are all guaranteed to turn heads no matter where they are.


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  1. retroscifigeek December 11, 2010 at 12:11 am Reply

    Love the mustang pool table. I want to know what kind of tires does number eight use. Holy crap that car is sweet.

  2. DennisG December 11, 2010 at 8:54 am Reply

    That Rocket car is Crazy… And i would like to hear the music volume coming out of the car stereo!

  3. keiranb December 17, 2010 at 9:11 am Reply

    same lol boom boom is what u proply hear lol

  4. Austin Tintcarion October 1, 2012 at 8:24 pm Reply

    That’s a great selection of wild rides. Have to give it to the Japanese Batmobile, though. Killer bodywork and paint job!

  5. Bespoke Exhausts August 22, 2013 at 3:57 am Reply

    Some pretty awesome creations, some take car modifications to the extreme. Nice to see some bespoke exhausts though I think a rocket exhaust maybe loud!! All in all cool selection…

  6. houstan used cars October 30, 2013 at 7:02 am Reply

    Nice pretty cars i love them.

  7. Faisal Nanssey September 15, 2014 at 10:22 pm Reply

    car designs are just awesome. very nice architecture.

  8. Ethan October 16, 2015 at 1:47 pm Reply

    Number two is probably one of my favorite car modification. Huge XBOX fan and would love to drive that. Great list.


  9. Rambo Hammbo October 22, 2016 at 11:51 am Reply

    I hope the pig ears fold back while driving, that would take 30% off your MPG and make that slow pig hard to pass on the freeway.

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