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Ed Church Reunites with Motorcycle After 32 years

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The community of buyers, sellers, and gearheads of every stripe is what drives eBay Motors, making it the unique experience it is. With listings, listers and bidders ranging from the wild to the wonderful, there’s a story behind every corner here. Indeed, it’s the people who come to read, comment, and bid on eBay Motors that make it worth visiting.

Ed Church is one of those community members, and his story is a great one. Ed’s tale is one that so many of us have lived—the tale of “the one that got away.” As a young man, he was obsessed with motorcycles, and as a high school sophomore, he bought a ’58 Harley Davidson that he’d ride for the next thirteen years. Church sold the bike after the birth of his daughter, but regretted letting his first motorcycle go – he never stopped wondering what had become of it.

Ed’s story would be like any of ours, except for one very key element. He found, through pure luck, the very ’58 Harley he’d sold nearly 32 ago years to the day, listed on eBay Motors. Ed recognized the VIN number, and bid on his long-lost bike…only to lose the auction. When the Harley came up on eBay again a year after that, Church took no chances: As he says, he bid what the bike was worth to him, and Ed was finally reunited with the Harley that started him down the road all those years ago.

Ed Church’s passion is representative of those who make up the eBay Motors community. This month, we’re featuring some of the best stories sent in by you, the eBay Motors public. Starting October 10th, we’ll be giving away great prizes while shining a spotlight on the stories that we feel stand out, and should be shared with you all.

If you’ve got a tale to tell, visit to share it with us. Keep an eye out on the blog as well as on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for these great stories and your chance to win great prizes. And of course, a great many thanks to all of you!

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  1. Lisandro Calir Biacchi Adames October 19, 2012 at 5:23 am Reply

    Congratulations to all who use eBay. I’m a fan of this site. I wish eBay would work well in Brazil, because we can only buy on eBay. We would also like to sell on eBay. Thankful.

  2. Jelly October 19, 2012 at 2:57 pm Reply


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