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eBay Motors BTCC UK Milk Float Breaks World Record [video]

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Our friends at eBay Motors UK and the British Touring Car Championship have been having a bit of fun recently with a special eBay Motors Mechanics Challenge for driver Tom Onslow-Cole and mechanic/television star Edd China. Onslow-Cole and China were tasked with taking an electric milk float and turning it into a true high-performance race car using only parts and accessories bought from eBay Motors and chosen in a series of polls by the eBay Motors community.

Well, the work has been done and the results speak for themselves. The hot-rod milk float recently set a Guinness World Record for the fastest milk float on Earth, hitting top speeds of 77.53 miles per hour during testing. Pretty impressive when you consider it started life as an electric-powered cart, whose speed capability could best have been described as “faster than walking”. The grunt of the Mechanics Challenge milk float comes from a V8 engine that once lived in an ambulance, and the use of the milk churn as a fuel tank is simply inspiring.

Check out this video to see Tom Onslow-Cole cut loose in the eBay Motors milk float, sending crates flying about, burning the float’s tires while turning on a dime, getting a little opposite lock, and even drifting the milk float a little while sending Edd China straight to the (milk) bottle. Onslow-Cole said of the project: “…I’m delighted that we have broken the Guinness World Record for the fastest milk float. The team mechanics and Edd China put in a sterling effort to create a milk float that looks as slick as this and has the performance necessary to break the record.” Edd China credits the eBay Motors fans who helped pick out the parts and accessories used in the Mechanics Challenge, saying that “they clearly know their stuff!”

The eBay Motors Mechanics Challenge milk float is a special kind of craziness, and to see it turn out so well is a joy. Having seen the results of the project, eBay’s Andrew Hooks says “Tom Onslow-Cole did a fantastic job driving the record-breaking milk float and I’m sure people will enjoy watching the float being put through its paces in the stunt videos on our website.” To watch the world’s fastest milk float in all of its ridiculous glory, check out this video and for more videos and images (not to mention all the latest goings on in the BTCC), visit Congrats to Tom Onslow-Cole, Edd China, and the entire eBay Motors UK crew!

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