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All about listings - overview

Creating an effective listing helps you get your items in front of the right buyers.

Our guides below will help you get started. They detail listing formats and features and how to get paid after making a sale.

  1. Getting started
  2. Creating your listing
  3. Managing your listing

Getting started

Start selling on eBay

Find out how to sell on eBay.

Zero insertion fee listings

Learn about zero insertion fee listings on eBay and how many you’ll receive each month.

Selling limits

eBay adjusts selling limits based on both your sales volume and feedback. Learn where to find your selling limit and how to request a limit increase.


Creating your listing

Creating listings

Creating a listing is the first step in getting your item in front of buyers. We have a range of features to help make sure your listings stand out.

Selling with Buy It Now

With Buy It Now listings, you set a fixed price so buyers can purchase your item immediately.

Selling through auctions

In eBay auctions, you set a starting price and potential buyers bid on your item. The highest bidder wins.

Selling internationally

Grow your business by making your items available to international buyers.

Getting paid for items you've sold

Learn how payouts work when you're an eBay seller.

Selling with classified ads

Discover how eBay Classified Ads work and why they’re different from other listings on eBay.

Selling with the eBay app

Learn how to use eBay’s mobile app to create and edit listings on the go.

Listing tips

Learn more about our advanced listing tools and features.


Managing your listings

Revising a listing

Learn what changes you can make to your live listings, and when you can make them.

Relisting items

Find out how to revise a listing you’ve already created.

Ending a listing

Learn when you can end a listing early and how to do it.

Finding your sold items

Learn how to find items you’re selling or have sold on eBay.

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