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Selling with Classified Ads

When you list an item through an eBay Classified Ad, you state a price, the buyer contacts you, and together you finalize the transaction outside of the eBay platform.

The Classified Ad format is only available in select categories.

How to sell with eBay Classified Ads 

Here’s how to create an eBay Classified Ad:

  1. Select Sell at the top of any eBay page.
  2. Enter your item details.
  3. In Format, select Classified Ad.
  4. The duration will automatically set to 30 days.
  5. Select List item.

The fees for your Classified Ad will vary depending on the category and duration of the listing. Classified vehicle listings in the United States are intended for dealerships that use a bulk listing tool.

You can select Best Offer on your Classified Ad listing if you’re willing to listen to offers from potential buyers.

Rules for listing Classified Ads

Our rules for listing a Classified Ad on eBay differ from other selling formats on eBay. For a Classified Ad, we’ll send you the contact information of any interested buyers. You are not allowed to share this information with third parties or use it for any reason other than to get in touch about the item you’re selling—please make sure you’re familiar with the User Privacy Notice.

Sellers who don’t take care of buyers’ information could have their buying and selling privileges limited or their eBay account suspended.

Remember, since Classified Ads are posted on eBay, but the transaction takes place off eBay, you don’t have access to services such as feedback, and you can’t cancel the order if a buyer doesn’t pay.

Our rules for listing a Classified Ad on eBay differ from other selling formats on eBay.

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