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Selling through auctions

When you list an item for sale in an eBay auction, you choose a starting price, and interested buyers place bids. When the auction ends, you sell to the highest bidder.

You can list your auctions for 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. A 1 or 3-day auction is designed for items that need to be sold quickly because they're time–sensitive, such as event tickets. Real estate auctions may also run for 30 days.

To make sure you get the price you want for your item, you can add a reserve price.

Auction fees

  • You may be charged an insertion fee to list your item. You will receive one insertion fee credit for each auction-style listing if that listed item sells. (Exclusions apply.)
  • You'll be charged a final value fee after the sale.
  • There are also fees for optional advanced listing upgrades and services

For more details, see our Selling fees article.

You can also add a Buy It Now price to an auction listing. The Buy It Now price has to be at least 30% higher than the auction starting price.

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