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Finding your sold items

You can find a history of the items you've sold in both My eBay and Seller Hub.

How to find your completed eBay listings

You can find your sold items in either Seller Hub or My eBay.

  • From Seller Hub - opens in new window or tab look at your Orders
  • From My eBay: select Sold within the selling section. You can then choose a timeframe to see sold items for up to the last 60 days

See listings and sold items - opens in new window or tab

How to find your current eBay listings

When you create a listing, your item usually appears in eBay searches within 24 hours. To find it, search using keywords used in your listing and apply any other filters needed to narrow your results.

If you can't find your listing after 24 hours, check your active items in My eBay or Seller Hub. If your listing shows as an active item, it's searchable by other eBay members. If you don't see it, make sure there aren't errors in your listing title that could prevent search from finding the item.

If you still don't see your listing, be sure that:

  • It's not saved as a draft
  • It's ok to sell that type of product on eBay. If the item's from a category that's not allowed, we'll have to remove your listing, but we'll send you an email explaining why. Learn more about prohibited or restricted items

On eBay, we call items you're selling “active listings,” and items you've sold “completed” or “ended” listings.

When you create a listing, your item should usually appear in eBay searches within 24 hours.

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