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A pair of black and white Nike Dunk Low sneakers with white shoelaces.

Another Black and White Nike Dunk Low emerges

Not in the popular two-tone form that people are accustomed to.

A side shot of an orange-brown Nike high top sneaker. The oversized soles feature a cream-colored upper, a white middle, and a transparent strip through the bottom.

The Famous Swoosh: How the Iconic Nike Logo Got Its Start

Would you believe the iconic logo began as a $35 graphic design project?

A pair of all-white PEACEMINUSONE Nike Kwondo sneakers. The shoes feauture a dot pattern along the front and sides. At the top of each shoe is a flap that extends over and covers the shoelaces. One pair has the Nike logo on the flap, while the other has a the PEACEMINUSONE logo.

G-Dragon Debuts His PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Kwondo 1

The signature sneaker of the “King of Kpop” makes its way worldwide.

A pair of Nike Cosmic Unity basketball sneakers. The majority of the shoe has a brown and orange tweed-like texture. Two yellow lines shoot from front and top and extend across the side of the shoe like a bolt of lightning. The Nike logo is yellow with a foam-texture, and the shoelaces are white with orange and yellow dots.

Official Photos of the new Nike Cosmic Unity 2 Emerge

Back with another “out of this world” design for hooping.

A side shot of a Nike SB sneaker. The shoe is mostly cream-colored, with maroon paint-splattered accents throughtout the shoe. The sides and front of the shoe are red and gray alternating vertical stripes. The Nike logo on the side is a metallic, shiny gray.

Above the Board: History of the Nike SB

Explore the legacy brand’s emergence into the niche subculture of skateboarding.

A side shot of a Nike high-top sneaker. The entire back half of the shoe is all-white, including the Nike logo. The front half is gray, with a stripe under it that is a lighter shade of gray. The soles on the front half are light-green, while the back half is white with a transparent accent in the middle.

How Many Nikes Are in Your Sneaker Collection?

From Nike trainers to running shoes, you likely have some in your closet.

A pair of white and gray Nike sneakers. The Nike logo on the side of the shoe is orange, and the tongue is black.

The complete guide to Nike ACG

Not all shoes are limited to only become lifestyle shoes...

A pair of all-white Nikes slip-on running shoes. At the top of the shoe is a black Nike logo.

The Nike Go FlyEase White Sail colorway is the cleanest pair yet

Effortless function meets unprecedented style.

A pair of black Nike sneakers with white soles. The heel of the shoe has a small strap to help pull on the shoes.

Nike Shoes: From Humble Beginnings to Global Domination

Nike started by selling shoes out of a car and soon had over a hundred stores...

A pair of multi-color Nike running shoes. The shoes are white with soles that are three different shades of pink. The Nike logo is red, with a green accent above it. The shoelaces are white with an orange eyelet.

LeBron 20 or Ambassador 14? LeBron James rocks his new basketball shoe

Clad in a minimalistic construction in pink.

A pair of white, light-blue, and black high-top sneakers. The Nike swoosh logo is reversed, with it pointing towards the toe of the shoe.

Nike x Travis Scott x Fragment design: Triple Blockbuster Collab

Nike tapped popular rapper Travis Scott in 2017 for the 35th anniversary of the iconic AF1.

A pair of Nike sneakers that are completely tan. In the back of the side of the shoe is a small red Supreme logo.

The complete guide to the most popular sneaker collaborations (Nike x Supreme)

Dominating the sneaker market alone is a thing of the past.

A pair of white and gray Nike Air Max 1s. The shoe features a wave-like pattern that stretches across the shoe. Near the front of the shoe is a small white Nike logo. On the side of the shoe, close to the back, is a larger white Nike logo.

Another Patta x Nike Air Max 1 Emerges in White and Grey

Fans of the collabs already gearing up for a possible release.

A side shot of a Yeezy Boost sneaker. They feature a yellow, orange, and blue swirl-patterned upper, a semi-transparent stripe in the middle, and yellow tab at the heel.

What Sneaker Has the Best Cushioning Technology?

Nike Air and adidas Boost both offer superior cushioning, but is one better?

A side shot of a sky-blue Nike sneaker with black shoelaces. The Nike logo on the side is white, with a black outline, and is just above a circular patch with the number 58 on it. The top of the soles are white, with a black horizonal stripe, and the bottoms are brown.

Understanding the Nike SB

Nike SB Dunk Colorways: Skateboarding with Tech.

A side shot of a black Nike cleat with white shoelaces. The side of the shoe features a white oversized Nike logo, with a small orange tab above it. The word 'AIR' is written in white, just below the logo.

The complete guide to Off-White sneakers

Virgil Abloh started his prolific career as an intern for the luxury fashion powerhouse Fendi.

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