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Alcohol policy

Wine can be listed on the eBay US site (ebay.com) by eBay approved sellers only. No other alcohol products are allowed.

We generally don't allow the sale of alcohol but sellers who have been pre-approved by eBay can list wine on ebay.com, providing they follow our rules.

What is the policy?

  • Sellers must be approved by eBay before listing wine
  • All other types of alcohol are not allowed, including wine from non-eBay approved sellers
  • Collectible alcohol containers may be sold, but they must be empty

Requests for approval to sell wine

To become a licensed seller of wine on eBay, start the registration process by uploading a copy of your alcohol license here - opens in new window or tab. You also need to enter your eBay username in the comments section of the document upload page.


Required information to be included in the description for approved wine sellers

If you're an approved wine seller, you'll need to include the following in each of your listings:

  • A link to our alcohol policy page: https://www.ebay.com/help/policies/prohibited-restricted-items/alcohol-policy?id=4274
  • State-by-state eligibility requirements for potential buyers, indicating whether buyers in particular states would be required to receive wine at a particular location in the seller's state, instead of having it shipped directly
  • The buyer's age requirement
  • Language which lets buyers know that the seller has been pre-approved by eBay prior to listing wine
  • A shipping service with age verification upon delivery

Terms and Conditions for sellers and buyers of wine

Limitation of liability: Both buyer and seller expressly acknowledge and agree that eBay shall not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages or lost profits (however arising, including negligence) resulting from or in connection with the sale of property on the eBay site.

Representations and warranties:

  • Each seller represents and warrants that:
    • The seller of the wine has the right, power, and authority to sell the wine
    • The owner of the wine owns all necessary and required licenses to lawfully carry out wine-related transactions on our site, and ship the item to its purchaser
    • The recipient (and buyer if different from the recipient) has proven he or she is 21 years of age or older prior to delivery
    • The transaction will comply with all interstate commerce laws, including all laws around shipping and fulfillment
  • Each buyer represents and warrants that:
    • The buyer of the wine is at least 21 years old
    • The recipient of the wine is at least 21 years old
    • The transaction will comply with all interstate commerce laws, including all laws around shipping and fulfillment

Indemnification: The seller is solely responsible for compliance with all laws associated with the sale of wine. The seller indemnifies eBay of all responsibility associated with this sale. It is therefore the seller's sole discretion of the completion of the transaction based on its ability to assure that the transaction is in compliance with all laws associated with the sale of alcohol.

Shipping: Certain local, state, and federal laws and regulations govern and limit a seller's ability to sell and ship wine and other alcohol. As a seller, you are solely responsible to consult with legal and/or other experts to determine which laws and regulations may impact your activities and to fully abide by those laws and regulations. Since each state has its own regulations governing the shipment of wine, seller must clearly note which states it is able to ship to in the item description.

Age: Wine shipped by sellers requires the recipient to be in possession of photo identification confirming they are 21 years of age or older. The buyer, if different from the recipient, must also show proof of age.


Activity that doesn't follow eBay policy could result in a range of actions including for example: administratively ending or canceling listings, hiding or demoting all listings from search results, lowering seller rating, buying or selling restrictions, and account suspension. All fees paid or payable in relation to listings or accounts on which we take any action will not be refunded or otherwise credited to your account.

Visit Seller Help - opens in new window or tab to find details of any policy issues with your account or listings, and get the information you need to quickly resolve them.

Why does eBay have this policy?

We require sellers and buyers to follow all federal and state laws and regulations when using eBay. Because the sale and shipping of alcohol is highly regulated in the United States, we generally don't allow sellers to list these products.

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