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Automatic feedback settings

Leaving feedback is a great way to say thank you to buyers, and it encourages them to leave feedback for you.

An easy way to leave feedback for buyers is to use the Automate feedback setting. With Automate feedback, you can “set it and forget it”, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your selling activity.

The Automate feedback setting is available in the All listings and orders section of the Selling preferences page - opens in new window or tab. Here’s how to enable this setting:

  1. Select Edit next to Automate feedback.
  2. Select Automatically leave positive feedback.
  3. Choose one of the two options for when feedback will be left – either after the buyer has paid for the item, or after the buyer has paid for the item and left you positive feedback.
  4. Select Save.

This feature comes with a number of default positive feedback comments that the system uses randomly when leaving the automated feedback.

To edit the default comments, or add your own, select Edit stored comments. Once you make your changes, make sure to select Save.

You can use eBay’s automated feedback setting so you no longer have to manually leave feedback for your buyers. You can have eBay leave feedback either after a buyer has paid, or after the buyer has paid and left you positive feedback. The choice is yours.

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