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Item description policy

Your item description is one of the most important parts of a listing or product – it helps buyers decide whether to buy an item and what to expect if they do.

Our full policy below gives more detail on what information should be included in your item description, but generally, you should add details on the item's condition as well as your terms of sale. Make sure that the information you provide in the item description is consistent with all the details elsewhere in the listing or product.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I include that I'm a Top Rated Seller in my item description?

No. If you're a Top Rated Seller, your Top Rated Seller logo appears automatically with your listing to tell buyers you provide a high level of service. We don't allow sellers to also list this information in item descriptions.

How can I tell buyers more about myself?

You can use your profile page to let buyers know more about your background, your hobbies, and your products – this kind of information shouldn't be included in your item description. Our profiles policy has more information.

Read our full policy

Item description policy overview

An item's listing page is where buyers go to find most of the information about an item, as well as your policies, such as shipping charges and returns. Information in the listing helps buyers decide what to buy and know what to expect when purchasing an item. The item description and all areas of the listing or product should convey the same information. These areas should also be used only to describe the item for sale and to communicate the terms of the sale. If the information you want to include doesn't describe the item you are listing, you might want to include it on your profile page instead.

You aren't permitted to host item descriptions or terms of sale outside eBay – these must be hosted within the listing or product. The item description or terms of sale also can't be in an image that is hosted outside of eBay.

Make sure your listings and products follow these guidelines. If they don't, they may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

What are the guidelines?

Allowed Allowed
  • Describing only the item you're selling in the listing and the terms of the sale
  • Providing complete and accurate details
  • Specifying the condition of the item
  • Describing any defects or flaws in the item
Not allowed Not allowed
  • Including conflicting product information in a listing or product, such as saying you have a 16G MP3 player in your title, but 8G in the description
  • Including comments that discourage buyers from buying on eBay, or that could make them lose trust in eBay sellers and eBay.com. For example, we don't allow statements like "eBay holds me to a standard well above 4 stars. 4 stars will get me suspended, so please only leave 5 stars."
  • Including our PowerSeller - opens in new window or tab, Top Rated Seller, or Top Rated Plus icons or similar logos and expressions. We'll automatically add these to listings if you are eligible.
  • Including terms such as "top rated seller," "top rated plus," "top seller," "trusted seller," or other similar terms in your listings, products, About Me pages, profile pages, or Store pages. (If you're a Top Rated Seller and your listings qualify for Top Rated Plus, a prominent Top Rated Plus seal will appear in your listings.)
  • Listing an item and stating that it may be out of stock at the time of purchase
  • Listing an item and stating that you're simultaneously selling it outside of eBay
  • Listing an item and stating the item listed may not be the one that the winning bidder receives upon auction completion
  • Listing an item and stating that you reserve the right to cancel a buyer's bid at any time
  • Listings or products that contain inappropriate or offensive opinions or comments about other eBay members
  • Listings or products that contain political views, public service announcements, or other content that does not relate to the sale of an item

Why does eBay have this policy?

This policy is in place to help buyers know what they will receive, and the terms of sale around an item.

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