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Appeal eBay's decision about a return or missing item for sellers

If you don't agree with our decision after we've stepped in to help resolve an issue between you and your buyer, you can appeal by providing new information within 30 days of the case being closed.

Whenever we're asked to step in and help with an issue, we do our best to come to the fairest decision. Sometimes, though, you might not agree with our decision, especially if there's additional information you can provide that you think should be considered.

When you make an appeal, we'll review the case and any new information you provide and come back to you with a final decision. Normally we'll get back to you within 48 hours, though occasionally it can take a little longer.

If you’ve received feedback from a buyer that you don’t think is accurate or fair, take a look at our article about disputing feedback.

Information you'll need when appealing

If you want to appeal the decision on a case, you'll need to provide new, additional information, to back up your appeal. This can include things like:

  • Tracking details showing the buyer received the item. If the item sold for more than $750, signature confirmation is required
  • Proof that a returned item was delivered to the wrong address, or lost in the mail
  • Documents showing the item matches the listing description
  • Proof the buyer received a refund before the case was closed

You can appeal a decision at any time within 30 days of the case being closed.

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