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Global seller performance standards

We always want to ensure buyers have a great experience on eBay. To help ensure this, we’ve put in place minimum performance standards for areas within a seller’s control, such as handling time and prompt problem resolution.

We have four regional performance standard programs, with slightly different minimum performance thresholds, and your performance is measured against the standards of the region into which you sell an item. The four programs are:

  • Global: This covers Australia and any other market outside of the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • US: This covers the US market
  • UK: This covers the UK and Ireland
  • German: This covers Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

So if you sell to a domestic US customer, you’ll need to meet the standards of our US program. If you sell to an Australian buyer, you'll have to meet the standards of our Global program, but if you sell to a buyer in the UK, you’ll need to meet the UK standards.

You can find out more details about our performance standards globally by reading our full policy guidelines below.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I find my seller ratings for all four standards programs? 

You can find all ratings in your Seller Dashboard - opens in new window or tab.

Do the four standards program differ significantly?

No, the programs are similar. But there are some differences, including different thresholds for late shipment rate for each program. Regardless of which program you're assessed under, you should always try to provide your buyers the best service you can.

Find out how performance rating translates into seller levels in our article on Seller Levels and Performance Standards.

Read our full policy

Global seller performance standards policy overview

Global seller performance standards help highlight sellers who consistently offer excellent service for their international transactions. Sellers from all eBay sites are required to meet the same minimum standards, ensuring that sellers globally are both setting and meeting buyer expectations worldwide.

If you sell on other eBay sites or offer international shipping, your transaction will count for one of the four regional standards programs based on the country the item is shipped to. Go to your seller dashboard - opens in new window or tab to see your status for each of the seller standards programs.

Note: If you reside in a country other than the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, then the Global standard will be your domestic standard.

From August 2017, individual transactions will only count towards either your Global or your regional seller performance standards, never both.

As an eBay seller, providing excellent customer service should be your top priority. You're expected to:

  • Promptly resolve customer issues
  • Ship items on time, within your specified handling time
  • Manage inventory and keep items well stocked
  • Have reasonable shipping and handling charges
  • Specify shipping costs and handling time in the listing
  • Follow through on your return policy
  • Respond to buyers' questions promptly
  • Be helpful, friendly, and professional throughout a transaction
  • Make sure the item is delivered to the buyer as described in the listing

For more information on meeting buyers' expectations, see our selling practices policy.

Keep in mind, too, that if you don't meet buyers' expectations, it can lead to:

  • Not meeting the late shipment rate requirements
  • Exceeding minimum requirements for defect rate
  • A bad experience for you and the buyer
  • Low detailed seller ratings (DSRs)
  • Negative or neutral feedback from buyers
  • Cases opened by buyers for items not received or items not as described

Transaction defect rate

The transaction defect rate is the percentage of a seller's transactions that have any of the following transaction-related defects:

  • eBay Money Back Guarantee case opened for an item not received or an item not as described
  • Seller-initiated transaction cancellation

Sellers need to maintain a defect rate of 2% or lower to meet minimum global seller performance standards, and a defect rate of 0.5% or lower to meet global Top Rated Seller standards.

Any case or return that is referred to eBay for review and is found in your favor—or found to be no fault of the buyer or seller—won't count against your performance rating.

The transaction defect rate won't affect your seller status until you have transactions with defects involving at least 5 different buyers, or at least 4 different buyers to impact Top Rated status, within your evaluation period.

Top Rated Sellers in the global program need to maintain a late shipment rate of less than 5%.


  • Sellers can have a maximum of 0.3% of eBay Money Back Guarantee cases closed without seller resolution over the most recent evaluation period
  • Sellers with 400 or more transactions over the past 3 months are evaluated on their transactions with global buyers from the last 3 calendar months. For all other sellers, the rate is calculated from transactions with global buyers over the last 12 calendar months.

To improve your seller performance rating, follow these best practices - opens in new window or tab for all your transactions, which can also help you achieve Top Rated Seller status. You can also review these tips on becoming a better seller.

To become a Top Rated Seller, you must meet higher requirements than those above.


What happens if your seller level is Below Standard?

If you don't meet our minimum performance standards, we may put limits on your selling activity until your performance improves.

The consequences of falling Below Standard can include:

  • Your items may be placed lower in search results
  • We may limit or restrict you from selling on your account and related accounts, or from registering a new account
  • Funds from your sales may be held
  • You'll be charged a higher percentage rate for final value fees
  • You will be blocked from using the Promoted Listings tool, and will not be able to create new campaigns or edit existing campaigns
  • We may downgrade your eBay Store to the Basic level if you've been Below Standard for more than 60 days
  • You'll be unable to access the partial refund tool

Usually, we will only apply permanent selling restrictions when your account has been evaluated as Below Standard for at least 2 consecutive months. However, we may take action at any time if we have urgent concerns about your account; for example, if we've detected fraud or if your selling practices pose a threat to the buyer experience. The actions we take will be proportional to the nature of the issue we have identified and what is reasonably required to protect the interests of all eBay users and eBay as provider of the services.

If your account isn't meeting our minimum performance standards, you should:

  • Resolve all issues on the account before buying or selling with other accounts
  • Review your listings to make sure that you’re describing your items accurately. Use pictures and include specifics in your listing so your buyers know exactly what to expect
  • Make sure that you respond promptly to requests from buyers

Learn more about using multiple accounts. For guidelines on meeting buyers' expectations, see our selling practices policy.


Seller protection

We have some safeguards in place to protect your ratings and help you in case you have a problem. For example, we consider a buyer's pattern for opening requests and cases and leaving low detailed seller ratings, and we protect you when necessary. We also protect you against delayed deliveries in high-growth emerging markets worldwide. Learn more about our seller protection policy.

Visit Seller Help - opens in new window or tab to resolve any incorrect defects or improper feedback.

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