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Resolving issues with sellers

If you’re having an issue with an eBay seller, try contacting them directly to resolve your problem. If you can’t work things out, we’re always here to step in and help.

Usually your purchases on eBay will go smoothly, but occasionally a problem might come up with your order, or your seller. Our list of articles below will help with any issues you might run into.

Contacting a seller

If you’ve had an issue with an order, talking with the seller is usually a good way to resolve it.

Handling feedback disputes with sellers

Find out how to respond if a seller asks you to revise your feedback.

Reporting an item or issue with a seller

If you think that a seller is violating one of our policies, you can let us know and we’ll look into it.

Avoiding seller fraud

Any attempt by a seller to misrepresent themselves or the products they’re selling is seller fraud. Find out the warning signs and how to let us know if you’ve spotted something suspicious.

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