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The PlayStation 2 Console: King of an Era

For many a kid in the early 2000s, console gaming reigned supreme when it came to adventure, action, fighting, and sports games. Among the most popular consoles during that time was the PlayStation 2 or PS2. It has an interesting suite of improvements over its predecessor along with features that help prolong the life of the previous PlayStation console if you had it.

What Are Its Notable Features?

  • Backwards Compatibility: The PlayStation 2 was applauded for having the capability to play older titles from the previous iteration. This gave players the opportunity to revisit the worlds that they loved to explore. The system also allowed for backwards compatibility with the predecessor's DualShock controller, eliminating the need to buy a new set of controllers for the newer console.
  • Improved Hardware: The PlayStation 2 is able to play audio CDs along with DVD movies, making it an ideal choice for those looking for an all-in-one device. It came out with larger capacity memory cards, which allowed users to have even more space for their saved games and required fewer memory cards for those who have a large library of titles with their corresponding saved games. It can natively output 480i to 480p resolutions, while other games are known to support 1080i resolution.

What Popular Games Are Available?

  • Fighting: The Tekken franchise gained a lot of its momentum from the Sony PS2. You play as a variety of characters with widely differing fighting styles, which make the ultimate challenge of mastering all of them very rewarding. Soulcalibur II is another notable fighting game that is more weapon oriented in its combat style.
  • Adventure: Final Fantasy X is a highly popular game that features a rich story and an interesting roster of characters in an extremely engrossing and memorable fantasy world. Shadow of the Colossus offers a dark and striking story that revolves around defeating various large enemies that you climb, grab, and shimmy onto to get at their weak spots.
  • Horror: Resident Evil 4 features a complex story and a polished combat system compared to its predecessors. You play as Leon Kennedy, an American federal agent tasked with rescuing the President's daughter from her abductors. An acclaimed horror title, Silent Hill 2 is interactive and engrossing. Explore the eerie town of Silent Hill as it draws upon the psyche of its visitors and alters its form depending on the character you play.

What Accessories Can I Buy?

  • Memory Cards: The only way to store your PS2 save game data is with these. These Sony memory cards come in 8 and 16 MB variants.
  • DualShock Controllers: With some PS2 games featuring multiplayer for up to two players, cooperative play requires two PlayStation controllers.

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