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Level Up Your Gaming with Sony PlayStation 2 Video Game Controllers

The right gear can make or break your gaming experience. With several different versions of Sony PlayStation 2 (or "PS2") controllers available on the market, there's bound to be one that fits your gaming style and personality. Before you buy just any gamepad, educate yourself on the similarities and differences so that you can pick the controller that's right for you.

Basic information about PS2 gamepads

While there are many different types of high-quality PS2 game controllers available, it's important to know the basics before diving into what makes them unique. Firstly, PS2 controllers are designed to only work with Sony PlayStation 2 video game consoles and are backwards compatible to work with the original PS1 units. Though many companies make PS2 gamepads, each PS2 shipped with a standard Sony-manufactured gamepad known as the "Dualshock 2 Analog Controller," which is to be considered the only official controller for this game console. This controller is easily identified by the "Sony" logo displayed across the front middle of the controller in capital letters and must be plugged into a PS2 in order to operate. It also features the company's patented "Dualshock" vibration feature.

Alternate PS2 game controllers

When searching for a quality PS2 controller on eBay, you may find many different types of PS2 game controllers, including those not made by Sony. While these are not official controllers, that does not mean that they will not function as well as the official pads; some of them can possibly function better than the Sony PlayStation 2 control pads. In fact, these controllers are where you will find the most diversity in purchase options. While the Sony Dualshock 2 analog controllers differ only in color scheme, other branded PS2 controllers may offer any number of optional features such as the following:

  • Wireless connection
  • Improved grip style and shape
  • Alternate PS2 joystick shape or texture
  • Contoured trigger (L2 and R2 button) styles
  • Alternate button layout
  • Turbo input
How to pick the right controller

In order to find the best PlayStation 2 Dualshock controller on eBay for you, determine what it is you require when playing games. For example, if your couch or other sitting area is far away from your television, you may want to look for a PS2 joystick controller with either a wireless connection or a very long connection cord. Additionally, if you are looking for a controller that will not get confused for someone else's gamepad (such as if multiple gamers live with you) you may want to look for a controller with a unique color or visual design.

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