Point & Shoot Film Cameras

How to Choose Inexpensive Point and Shoot Cameras

Point and shoot cameras are in demand by amateur photographers. When you don't want to use advanced manual functions but desire a high-quality picture, this is the camera for you. Since 2008, some of these cameras have also come equipped with much larger 1-inch image sensors compared to the traditional 1/2.3-inch design. You can find a range of powerful point and shoot cameras on eBay.

What types of point shoot cameras are available?

Based on configuration and design, the point and shoot film camera can be divided into three distinct categories:

  • Focus-free lens cameras: At the lowest end of the price range are inexpensive focus-free cameras that have fixed apertures. They are also used as disposable short-term cameras and may or may not have a light meter.
  • Point & Shoot 35mm cameras: These cameras are distinguished by an electronic motor that can advance and rewind the film. These cameras come with a variety of apertures and light meters. Majority of film point and shoot camera fall in this category.
  • Super zoom point & shoot cameras: These cameras are often compact in size, but they have zooms up to 60x. Most use a 1/2.3-inch sensor, and they are often designed for travel and for photographers on the move. See the manufacturer site for details.
Variations in the type of film used

Most cameras produced after the late 1980s use 35mm point and shoot camera film, which is among the reasons why point and shoot cameras are sometimes also known as 35mm point and shoot. The 35mm film is well-known because it can easily load and operate the film automatically compared to the 110 or disc films used in these types of cameras.

While looking for a point and shoot 35mm camera, you may also come across other types of film such as advanced photo system or 126 film. While the advanced photo system film was used in a small range of cameras in the 1990s, the 126 film dates back to the 1970s.

Name variations

It is interesting to note that individuals often confuse point and shoot cameras with compact cameras because the terms are used interchangeably around the world. When buying new or preowned point and shoot cameras, keep in mind that "compact camera" generally means any camera that is small in size. A compact camera may or may not have point and shoot capabilities.

In the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe, compact cameras are usually associated with automatic cameras. Due to these name variations, it is important to search for point and shoot cameras instead of compact cameras.