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Motorcycle Handlebars, Grips and Levers

Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Evinrude, and Harley-Davidson motorcycles are made with most of the controls on or near the handlebars. This allows you to make key safety and comfort adjustments without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off of the vehicle. Handlebars, levers, and grips for motorcycles are made by the original equipment manufacturers and by independent companies that produce parts for motorcycles.

What are the features of motorcycle handlebars?

  • Resistance to rust and corrosion: Motorcycle handlebars are continuously exposed to water, sunlight, and residue from your hands. They are also exposed to oils, salts, and chemicals that get splashed up from the road while you are riding. The bars are treated to resist damage caused by these environmental conditions, rainwater, chemicals, and residues.
  • Grips for ease of grasping: Textured grips are applied to the end of the handlebars to make it easier for you to hold them whether or not you are wearing gloves. The grips are usually made of a rubber or silicone material that also absorbs some of the vibration from the vehicle's engine.
  • Sleek finishes for aesthetic appeal: Handlebars are often treated with a sleek finish for aesthetic appeal. A chrome or brushed nickel finish offers shine that coordinates with the motorbike's alloy wheels or rims.

What functions do the levers on motorcycle handlebars perform?

  • Cruise control and throttle: The levers on a motorcycle's handlebars allow you to engage and disengage the power cruise control. They also allow you to use the throttle and increase your engine speed, put the bike's motor into neutral, or change its engine gears when driving up an incline or going down a hill.
  • Turn signals: The handlebars have levers that allow you to operate the motorbike's onboard turn signals. This allows you to alert other drivers on the road, to change lanes, or to turn a corner.
  • Lighting indicators: If you are riding your motorcycle and experience an emergency, the handlebars have hazard lighting indicators so that you can pull off to the side of the road and have lights flashing. The flashing hazard lights are displayed on the back and front of the motorcycle to alert other drivers to get out of the way. The levers on the handlebars also control your headlights and tail lights when operating the motorcycle at night.

What are grips for on a motorcycle?

When bare handlebars are cold, you'll want to slide on comfortable grips to add ease to your driving experience. Made of a sturdy rubber, grips feature different textures that aid in giving you a firm hold on your bike's handles.