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Air Conditioners and Heaters 

Air conditioners, heaters, and HVAC systems are necessary to keep your home comfortable. There are many different types of air quality systems that use gas, electricity, propane, or kerosene. You can find quality, used air conditioners and heaters on eBay for much less than what you would spend for new.

Types of air conditioners

There are different types of air conditioners that you can install in your buildings:

  • Window air conditioners - Window air conditioners are typically placed in a window. A fan blows air over an evaporator into the interior. The heat drawn from the interior is dissipated into the environment as a second fan blows air over the condenser.
  • Heat pumps - Heat pumps move warm and cold air around the home. In the summer, the heat pump collects warm air inside and pushes it outside.
  • Central air conditioners - A central air conditioner has two units: a condensing unit outside the home and an evaporative unit located inside next to the furnace. They are connected through refrigerant tubing. The condenser generates cool air that is pushed into the evaporative unit, which then pushes the cooled air through the ducts in the home.
  • Ductless air conditioners - These small air conditioners, or wall air conditioners, have two units that are installed in a home. One terminal is positioned on the outside and condenses cold air and pushes it through the refrigerant tubing. The other terminal is mounted inside and is the distribution center that pushes the cool air.
  • Portable air conditioners - A portable air conditioner is a small, portable unit. Air is dispersed by a hose vent through a vent in the wall or a window.

Types of heating systems

There are multiple types of heating systems that will heat your buildings:

  • Furnaces - A furnace blows heated air through ducts to rooms throughout the home. It can be powered by electricity, gas, or fuel oil.
  • Boilers - Boilers distribute heat in hot water, which dispenses heat through radiators or other devices in rooms in the home. The cooler water returns to the boiler and is reheated. 
  • Heat pumps - In the winter, the heat pump brings in concentrated warm air from outside into the home.
  • Gas-fired space heaters - A gas-fired space heater can be wall-mounted or free-standing. It blows heated air out directly.
  • Electric space heaters - These operate the same as a gas-fired heater but blow over heated wires that are heated by electricity.
  • Wood-burning stoves - A wood-burning stove burns wood or other natural fuel and heats the surrounding air.
  • Fireplaces - A fireplace burns wood or gas, which heats the surrounding air.
  • Radiant floor heat - Special radiant floors can heat your house with radiant heat by circulating warmed water through tubes in the floor.

Main brands of air quality systems

There are many companies that manufacture air heating and cooling systems. Some of the more well-known brands are: Dyson, LG, Senville, Lasko, Honeywell, Lenox, Goodman, and American Standard.