The Chevrolet Impala: A Car with a Past and a Future

Known as a high-end luxury sedan, the full-size car provided families with comfort and style beginning in 1958. Chevrolet Impalas have evolved over the years with changes made to the interior and exterior. Getting its name from African antelopes, the vehicle began its life with triple tail lights. Since then, the Impala has taken on a new look but still has the same appeal among buyers. Check out the inventory of new, used, and certified pre-owned models when shopping on eBay.

What Makes Chevy Impalas Different?
  • When the Impala first appeared on the scene, there was nothing typical about the design. Initial designs like roof simulator extractor vents and a steering wheel with two spokes caught peoples attention. Later models had "bat wing" trunk lids and cat eye tail lights. One of the first slogans the Chevrolet automaker used, "lets you know youre the boss", struck a chord with buyers. In no time, the vehicle was a bestseller in the U.S. As recently as 2014, the car ranked as the number one "affordable large car."
  • Models like the LS get 22 city/29 highway mpg saving people money to use for expenses or other purchases.
  • Because Impalas are roomier on the inside, comfortable, and have powerful engines, buyers dont sacrifice luxury for a smaller car not as well equipped.
  • Depending on the trim package, a 2018 Chevrolet Impala Premier LT has a scalloped hood, streamlined roof, and a dual-cowl dashboard. Reviewers indicate the interior is nearly whisper-quiet. These vehicles have 18.8 cubic foot trunks, similar to space found in crossover SUVs.
  • Newer Chevrolet Impalas include convenience features like Bluetooth and MP3 capability, a rear-view camera, leather-appointed seats, a touch-screen system, and keyless entry.
Generations of Chevrolet Impalas

Now in its 10th generation, buyers have seen GM redesign the sedans over a 60-year period. In 1962, Impalas had a boxy look with front fenders that protected the body from rusting. Designers fully remade the vehicle in 1965, switching the X-frame to a full-width base. They added a wood-grain interior and a pop-up latch for the hood.

The 1967 sports coupe, considered a classic, has a wraparound front grille and a collapsible steering column. When the fifth generation Impala arrived on the scene in 1971, it was the biggest Chevy GM had ever made. No changes were made to the exterior design until 1977 when the body became shorter and slightly narrower.

Impalas were discontinued from production from 1986 to 1993 with a total revamp in design in 1994. Discontinued again from 1997 to 1999, the car came back in 2000 and continues to be made. Its smaller in size compared to first generation models.

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