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Breitling Premier Watches

As a brand, Breitling has always been famous for its professional aviation instruments, like the Chronomat collection with its incredibly useful circular slide rule. In 1943, Breitling president Willy Breitling (grandson to Breitling founder Léon Breitling) created a collection that would be more accessible for the average civilian. The original models in the Premier collection were available in cases crafted from stainless steel or solid gold, and sizes from 32mm to 38mm. The stylish, versatile watches were meant for a discerning clientele who could wear one at a fancy restaurant or for a drive in the mountains. Today, the watches in the Breitling Premier collection are among the most admired timekeepers that Breitling produces. From its useful chronographs to elegant day and date models, the Breitling Premier collection encompasses a range of horological complications and styles.

Breitling for Bentley Partnership

The partnership between Breitling and Bentley Motors is the longest-lived partnership between a watch and automobile company. The partnership has gone through several iterations and seen a wide range of amazing timekeepers, beginning with the dashboard clock in the first Continental GT car. Today, the Breitling for Bentley partnership lives on as special editions of existing collections, such as the Breitling Premier. One such example is Reference AB0118A11L1X1, a 42mm chronograph in vivid British racing green. Another example is Reference AB0118A71G1P1, also a 42mm chronograph, modeled after Bentley’s Continental GT Convertible Mulliner Edition. 

Finally, take a look at the beautiful References AB01181A1Q1X1 and RB01181A1Q1X1, both with brown burl elm dials inspired by the dashboard of vintage Bentley automobiles. These references are known as the Centenary Limited Editions. They are available in stainless steel or gold cases (just like the original 1943 Breitling Premier models) and have brown quilted calfskin straps that perfectly match the dials.

Limited Editions of the Breitling Premier

Besides the fantastic Breitling for Bentley Limited Edition watches in the Premier collection, several other limited editions deserve your attention. The Breitling Premier Wheels and Waves Limited Edition watches celebrate the energetic festival of the same name, which is dedicated to motorcycles, surfing and skateboarding. This watch is available in stainless steel and in red gold. The Breitling Premier Top Time Limited Edition is a faithful representation of the original 1960s watch with its famous “Zorro dial.” The bright red hands and old-fashioned-style chronograph pushers add a playful style to this watch. Finally, the Breitling Premier Top Time Deus Limited Edition takes the Top Time to another level. Designed by Deus Ex Machina, an Australian lifestyle brand, the Top Time Deus is full of intricate design elements that really stand out. The slogan of Deus Ex Machina, “In benzin veritas,” which means “In petrol we trust,” replaces the wording on the tachymeter dial. Check out the subdials, which are rounded rectangles. Best of all, the chronograph second hand is shaped like a lightning bolt!

Breitling Premier Chronometers

Every watch in the Breitling Premier collection is a certified chronometer. The word “chronometer” is defined by Oxford Languages as “an instrument for measuring time, especially one designed to keep accurate time in spite of motion or variations in temperature, humidity, and air pressure.” It is often confused with the word “chronograph.” With this definition, any watch could be described as a chronometer, but a certified chronometer is something quite different. Certified chronometers are tested by independent third-party laboratories, which are not influenced by the watch manufacturer. This gives the watch a sense of extra credibility, which is appreciated by customers and trusted worldwide. 

Breitling uses the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) laboratory in Switzerland to perform all its testing. COSC uses the test protocol known as ISO 3159, an international standard for testing chronometers that lasts over 15 days. During that time, the watch is subjected to three different temperatures while placed in different positions. These temperatures are meant to simulate extreme weather conditions that a watch may experience during use. With third-party chronometer certification, the watches in the Breitling Premier collection are among the most precise watches available for purchase today.

Breitling Premier Pricing and Availability

There are three main modern variations of the watches in the Breitling Premier collection: the chronographs, the day and dates, and the limited editions. The chronographs sell in the $3,000-$4,000 range, which is very reasonable for such a high-quality chronometer certified timekeeper. The day and date versions are a bit more affordable, available in the range of $2,000-$4,000. The Top Time Limited Edition is a particularly popular watch in the Breitling Premier collection, selling in the $4,000 range. The Breitling for Bentley Limited Editions for the Premier collection have a wider range of pricing compared with the other models. Older versions of these watches can be found in the $3,000 range, while versions like the Reference A25366 chronograph sell in the $6,000 range.