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Today's Featured Collections

A summer afternoon hike. On vacation patrol, over grassy hills and through green valleys. So don a Green Beret camouflage jacket to get a closer look at skittish herds of deer. Those standard-issue Army pants and boots will withstand the rain and mud, and allow for an attack on hard-to-reach views of the countryside. From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, we’ve drafted the finest collection of vintage men’s military clothes for your summer campaign.

Forward March

Shop for a pair of WWII Air Force pilot’s sunglasses with their original leather case, a black-dial military Omega watch from 1958, or a vintage brass bugle—plus a green Japanese enlisted man’s combat cap from WWII.

Splashes of dark brown mud adorn the sides of the truck. Residue from yesterday’s adventure. That light layer of sand above them? From last weekend. A good wash is in order soon. For now, though, these are souvenirs. Battle scars from the dunes and dirt paths you’ve conquered. Coming clean is always slightly sad—but it also paves the way for more off-road escapades. Take to the open sand, mud, and muck with this collection of off-road-ready vehicles.

Go Off-Road

Shop for a light blue 1952 Willys Overland M-37 pickup, a green Land Rover defender from 1980, or a red 1967 Jeep Commando Roadster convertible—plus a red 1967 Land Cruiser safari-style station wagon.

Tooling Around

Shop for a DeWalt variable-speed compact jigsaw, a nine-in-one stainless steel outdoor survival multi-tool, or a 42-pound Makita demolition hammer—plus a 45-in-one screwdriver set for cell phone repair and other precision work.

Bling It Out

Shop for a pair of quarter-carat diamond infinity-sign dangling earrings, a 1.8-carat heart-shaped pendant, or a 1.5-carat princess-cut diamond engagement ring—plus a silver flower pendant with a central pearl flanked by .22 carats of diamonds.

Blaze Orange

Shop for a waterproof Otterbox case for an iPhone 5, a mini USB-powered desk fan, or a pair of Beats by Dre over-ear headphones—plus a 40-ounce wide-mouth insulated stainless steel water bottle from Hydro Flask.

Her gold wristwatch reflects the bright lights overhead. Her eyes shaded by the perfect pair of sunglasses. She’s elegant, confident. You wonder: Is she one of those movie stars who prefers to do her own grocery shopping? Nighttime and red carpets aren’t the only time for a little glitz and glamour. Because there’s nothing wrong with wanting to add some luxury to your daily look, dazzle everyone with this golden collection of clothing, accessories, and beauty products.

Best of Fashion

Shop for a pair of amber-framed Tom Ford sunglasses, a zippered canvas Gucci clutch, or a gold-tone Invicta women’s diver watch—plus a pair of leopard-print ballet flats with faux patent leather toes.

Swoosh! The curtain of a voting booth closes behind a young woman. The November choice of the next president is at her fingertips. But it wasn’t until 94 Augusts ago that the marching feet of American advocates shouting “Suffrage!” gave women that vote, with the passage of the 19th Amendment. Their high-laced boots and flapper hats were the 1920s uniform of women waving the flag of social change. So cast your vote with our collection of vintage mementoes of this incredible movement.

Cast Your Vote

Shop for a vintage “Votes for Women” pin, a 1920s straw cloche hat, or a poster of women celebrating the 19th Amendment—plus a set of four mint postage stamps from 1970 commemorating the 50th anniversary of suffrage.

Maybe it is the sweater you wore on your first date with your husband. The shoes that carried you across Europe. The socks your grandmother knitted. Everyone has that one piece of clothing that is a story in itself. And in her new book, Worn Stories, Emily Spivack lets them tell their tales, through interviews with celebrities and friends about their favorite clothes. Get your copy on August 26th—and in the meantime, start writing some new stories of your own with the garb and gear in this collection.

Well Worn

Shop for a vintage handmade 1950s hunting vest, a Levi’s jacket signed by members of Ozzy Osborne’s band, or a vintage beaver felt cowboy hat—plus a dress worn by actress Rachel McAdams onscreen in the movie The Vow.

Chrome-rimmed wheels hum over a ribbon of highway. The road stretches over the horizon, into the setting sun. This is freedom, the most American of experiences. And it’s best enjoyed behind the wheel of a classic American car. Luckily, Chevrolets, Fords, and Oldsmobiles from the golden age of the automobile still ply the open road. Get behind the wheel and make your own way with this collection of mint-condition American classics.

Ride American

Shop for a black 1965 Pontiac GTO convertible, a red Chevrolet Bel Air from 1957 with white trim, or a blue 1961 Hillman Minx convertible—plus a rare factory-optioned black Corvette from 1958.

Get Cooking

Shop for a refurbished silver KitchenAid stand mixer, a set of four Guy Fieri side-tang steak knives, or a pair of Amco stainless steel telescoping tongs with Nylon tips—plus a set of four hammered copper cocktail mugs.

Rain pitter-pats in Portland, tapping the windows. It feels good to be up early in the soft gray. Pad downstairs to the kitchen. Break out your favorite exotic beans, and get your grind on. The process is meditative. Getting you ready to shape the day. Maybe that means a bold, creamy espresso. Or maybe just a cup of regular joe with sugar and milk. No matter how you take it or make it, start by poring over this collection of top-tier coffee gear.

Wake Up Right

Shop for a polished-aluminum stovetop espresso maker from Bialetti, a Chemex glass coffee maker, or a set of white Illy espresso cups and saucers—plus a guide to all things coffee from the founder of Blue Bottle.

Accessorize Your Apple

Shop for a spherical white mini Bluetooth speaker for mobile devices, a dashboard mount for your iPhone, or a pair of blue and white over-ear headphones—plus a heavy-duty orange iPhone 4 case that exceeds Department of Defense protection standards.

The romance of late summer. A khaki-clad couple takes a brisk stroll along an easy riverside hiking trail. Towering trees loom above, and a bright grassy clearing lies ahead. The two carry soft satchels—the weight of a picnic lunch made easier by the soft brown sneakers on their feet. And as they eat, their shirts billow in the breeze and they fall asleep amidst the bright wildflowers. Ease into the end of summer with our collection of clothing and accessories in natural tones.

Natural but Never Neutral

Shop for a pair of beige Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes, a set of six heavy-duty organic bamboo coasters, or a 12-slot khaki bag for carrying floating duck decoys—plus a wooden picnicking beer six-pack caddy with two beer-flight paddles.

Thwack! You watch the ball soar across the court. Try as she might, your opponent can’t get there in time. And that’s a match. “Another round?” you ask, calmly wiping the sweat from your brow. Sure, you may look dainty decked out in pleated skirt and tennis whites. But get a racket in your hand and that impression won’t last long. Throw people off their game with a little help from this collection of women’s tennis gear.

Join the Tennis Club

Shop for a pair of black and silver Stella McCartney sunglasses, a black Fred Perry shirt dress with gold stripes on collar and cuffs, or a pair of white Superga tennis shoes—plus a preppy pleated Stella McCartney tennis skirt.

Bounce. Bounce. Eyes lock from across the net. And as one racket waves up, the other flies down for the serve. With a precise thwack, one of the biggest tennis events of the year—the U.S. Open—is open for business. Whether you’re semi-pro or simply looking to join the fun of the upcoming tournament, this collection of tennis gear for men and women will have you holding court and looking fly.

The U.S. Open Arrives

Shop for a 77-inch-high vintage tennis umpire’s chair, a PVC and leather Gucci racket case, or a sterling silver runner-up doubles trophy from the 1926 New England Tennis Championship—plus a vintage “ball-saver” pressurizer from 1974 with three vintage balls.

Audio Deals

Shop for a white JBL Flip portable Bluetooth stereo speaker, a pair of over-ear Sync by 50 wireless headphones, or a set of two Polk Audio cherry wood bookshelf speakers—plus a waterproof AM/FM radio for hanging in the shower.

The commute home. It can be a bit of a snooze. But not today. You: outfitted in leather gloves, driving shoes and a natty tweed cap. Your ride: at once refined and hard to find. Few things bring more joy to your motoring experience than a rare automobile. A unique piece of crafted steel, rubber and leather that makes onlookers turn their heads and wonder “what the heck is that?” Check out the uncommon whips in this collection and make your next ride something truly unexpected.

Order Your Next Ride Rare

Shop for an adorable red 1964 Sunbeam Imp, a blue Hillman Minx convertible from 1961, or a restored 1950 red Crosley Super Station Wagon—plus a unique yellow and teal Kaiser Manhattan built in 1954 for Barbara Kaiser.

Hit Your Stride

Shop for a pair of pink and gray Under Armour women’s running shoes, black Sony sports earbuds, or a lime green and white Garmin GPS wristwatch—plus a pair of Champion sneakers with a light blue and gray ombré pattern.

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