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2016 Ludwig Classic Maple Snare Drum - 5" x 14" - White Marine Pearl
Nov 12, 2018
One of the best snare drums made.
The Ludwig Classic maple is one of the best snares made. The drum is responsive, is easy to tune and stays in tune. It's made in the USA and the design in time tested and "classic".
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Carver C-4000 High Fidelity Control Console Auto-correctional Pre-amplifier
Jul 04, 2019
Fascinating preamp from a different time
The Carver C 4000 is a fascinating preamp from a different era. It’s sonically neutral and fairly quiet. It has auto correlation noise reduction which can remove some pops and ticks from vinyl via analog wizardry. The sonic holography expands imaging by injecting small amounts of “selected” out of phase signal from the opposing channels and boy does it work. Its an effective feature that can be occasionally be used on bland recordings. I recall Bob Carver was a physicist, not an electrical engineer. He understood the science but not the standard practices of circuit design which may have contributed to his fascinating designs.
Zoom H6 6-Input 6-Track Portable Handy Recorder w/ Interchangeable Mic Capsules
Jun 15, 2020
Excellent multitrack recorder
I've owned a lot of small portable recorders. Most do a pretty good job. What becomes apparent is that the microphones and or preamps in the H6 produce a more pleasing, fuller bodied recording than my other recorders. The analog volume controls on the H6 are helpful for fast adjustments of the 6 input channels and the color screen and the menus are pretty easy to navigate. Mine came with XY and Mid Side capsules as well as a wind screen, case and music editing software. Finally the H6 recorder can operate natively as a digital interface for all multiple channels where my other recorders can not. It also comes with access codes for several audio editing software packages. The only negative is that this recorder's size though small for what it does is a bit beefy. I don't mind that.