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Pokemon Lost Origin 10 Sealed Booster Packs New$28.0011 watchers
Pokemon Astral Radiance Booster Packs x10 Sealed/New$24.50
Pokemon Brilliant Stars 10 Sealed Booster Packs$32.00
Pokemon Brilliant Stars Ultra Ball 150 NM Playset x4$2.00
Pokemon Lost Origin Galarian Perrserker V Alt Art 184 NM$48.00
Pokemon GO Melmetal Vmax 048 NM$3.00
Pokemon Fusion Strike Oricorio SwSh168 Prerelease Promo NM$4.50Last one
Flaffy Gold 280/264 Fusion Strike Pokémon TCG NM$12.00Last one
Pokemon Brilliant Stars Torterra 08, Infernape 26, Empoleon 37 Holo Rare Set NM$2.00Last one
Pokemon Lost Origin Glastrier 051/Spectrier 081 Holo Rare Set NM$2.25
Pokemon Astral Radiance Cyllene 183 Full Art NM$7.00
Pokemon Astral Radiance Milo TG27 NM$6.00
Pokemon Astral Radiance Hisuian Lilligant VStar 018 NM$3.75
Pokemon Lost Origin Magnezone Vstar 057 NM$4.00
Pokemon Astral Radiance Palkia VStar Gold 208 NM$29.99
Pokemon Astral Radiance Leafeon 013 Reverse Holo NM$1.80
Pokemon Sword/Shield Base 10x Booster Packs New/Sealed$42.00
Pokemon Sword/Shield Base Sableye V 194 Full Art NM$7.00
Galarian Articuno SWSH123 Sealed Promo Pokemon Evolving Skies Build and Battle$6.00
Pokemon Fusion Strike Sidney Rainbow 279 NM$10.00
Pokemon Brilliant Stars Moltres PreRelease Promo 185 NM$5.00
Pokemon Burning Shadows ETB Sleeves New$5.00
Pokemon Lost Origin Goodra VStar 136 NM$6.00
Pokemon Fusion Strike 10 Sealed Booster Packs New/Sealed$40.00
Pokemon Lost Origin Lost City 161 x4 Playset NM$2.00
Pokemon Evolving Skies Suicune V Full Art 173 NM$12.50
Pokemon Lost Origin Mirage Gate 163 x4 Playset NM$2.50
Pokemon Lost Origin Arezu Full Art 189 NM$12.00
Pokemon Lost Origin Opal TG 28 NM$6.00
Pokemon Evolving Skies Zinnia's Resolve Rainbow 225 NM$9.00
Pokemon Chilling Reign Melony 146 Playset x4 NM$2.00
Pokemon General Mills 25th Anniversary Sealed Pack$5.00
Pokemon Lost Origin Colress's Experiment 155 x4 Playset NM$2.25
Pokemon Lost Origin Giratina V 130 NM$6.00
Pokemon Evolving Skies Gordie 201 NM$5.00
Pokemon Astral Radiance Machamp Vmax 073 NM$7.00
Pokemon Evolving Skies Suicune V 031 NM$4.00Last one
Pokemon GO TCG Mewtwo VStar 031 NM$8.00
Pokemon Lost Origin Lost Vacuum 162 x4 Playset NM$2.15
Pokemon Lost Origin Radiant Steelix 124 NM$3.00
Pokemon Lost Origin Parasect TG01$3.00
Pokemon Lost Origin Orbeetle V TG12/ Orbeetle Vmax TG13 NM$15.00
Pokemon Brilliant Stars Alcremie TG08 NM$2.50
Pokemon Astral Radiance Radiant Hawlucha 081 NM$2.00
Pokemon XY Evolutions Booster Pack 4x Artwork Set New/ Sealed$89.99
Pokemon Holo Foil Eevee Card SWSH095 Promo NM$2.00Last one
Pokemon Evolving Skies Glaceon Vmax 041 NM$5.00
Pokemon Astral Radiance Hisuian Typhlosion VStar 054 NM$5.00


I am a Pokemon collector who got back into the love of the hobby after a 20 year hiatus. I love collecting Pokemon cards, and want to help others build their collections at a fair price. Thank you, and good luck with the hunt!
Location: United StatesMember since: Aug 04, 2020
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