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Welcome art lovers! Below you will find original paintings by Artist Shawn Acorn. Take a look and see if there is something that catches you eye. If you can t find what you are looking for, custom art work is available.
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Thank you for your understanding and support!have a good day!
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Excellent purchase. Item arrived exactly as described. Super fast shipping. Could not be more pleased. Super nice seller. Highly recommended.
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Thank you for buying from us
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Great Buyer. Hope To See You Again. Happy Growing From Prairie Carnivores
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Thanks For Your Business Great Ebayer Welcome Back Anytime
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Dec 30, 2016
Turn Table Belt
Works great! Thanks!
Abong Mechanical Wooden Clock Kit
Feb 16, 2017
Abong Clock Review
The clock is good in it's design concept. The plans are very well done. I did however had to make a few adjustments as I will describe. I added a wooden washer (extra was provided in kit) to the back of the Pallets since the Pallets would want to walk backwards and loose connection with the Escape Wheel. I added a wooden washer to the back of the Idler Wheel as well since it needed that extra forward spacing to engage the gears correctly. I stained the pendulum and bob on my clock. I found the clock ran very slow by several minutes in a given time period. So I adjusted the set screw on the pendulum. It didn't help a bit to adjust the slow clock. So I ended up removing the set screw to test the clock speed. The clock did keep better time but was still out. So I sanded the back of the Bob down. I even sanded the screw adjustment block right off the Bob. Now the clock is only slow 3 minutes in a 12 hour period. I will continue to sand a bit of the back and front of the Bob every day until I get the clock timing right on. It is purely a matter of time to make it perfect. I am very patient and I will get it to keep perfect time. It would have been nice if a person could have just adjusted the Bob height instead of using the set screw. All grandfather clocks use the concept of adjusting Bob height up or down to fine tune pendulum speed. On another note, the provided graphite pencil is okay. I went to an art store and purchased a 6HB graphite pencil and used that instead. You will get better lubrication on your dowels with a more pure form of graphite. The higher the HB number the more graphite and less clay in the pencil. Another thing you need to do it get a fine round file and gently sand the inside holes of all the gears and the pallet. I used BB's to fill my counterweight and got a final weight of 2.1KG including the weight of the cardboard tube and pulley. I used 15 minute epoxy to glue the bottom plug into the counterweight bottom. Over all the clock is great and sounds awesome! Very soothing!
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Plane Sims Planer - double with 24 mm wide planer
Sep 27, 2017
Excellent Woodworking Tool
Simply sharpen blade and use