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Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. 5 Stars Excellent buyer. A+++++.
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Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended.
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Thank you
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Thank you for your purchase! Please leave feedback when you get the chance :)
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Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended.
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Quick response and fast payment. Perfect! THANKS!!
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New air less type Electric Air Paint Gun Sprayer and accessories
May 30, 2016
Too many problems to list...
This thing is a mess. It leaks, but that ain't the worst part. You have to thin the heck out of your paint, but that ain't the worst part. It has a lousey spray pattern, but that ain't the worst part. The worst part is, that no matter how much or what kind of lube you use on the piston, it freezes up on you after about 20 seconds of "spray". And I mean it is stuck SOLID! Had to use a danged punch to get it out after prying on it with pliers. After two hours of utter frustration, I gave up and bought a Wagner model 0518080 Control Spray Max. Cost three times as much, but no frustration, and the job gets done. Don't be a cheap-skate. Spend the extra money now, because you sure as heck are gonna do it later anyway!
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Select Series 14 White Daisy Non-Slip Safety Applique Stickers Bath Tub and
Feb 15, 2017
Just be sure to clean the tub surface really well, and these will stick like crazy. Good product.
Members Mark Boardwalk Food Service Saran Stretch Cling Wrap Film 12 x 3000 ft
Aug 21, 2019
Could be better...
NOT 12" is like they rolled the wrap onto the roll with too much pressure and stretched it until it pulled in on the sides. I got a little over 11" on a 12" roll. Most of the time it isn't a real problem, but sometimes that extra width is needed, or you get to use an extra sheet to wrap ;the other direction to completely cover your food or whatever...