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HHFI is owned and operated solely by myself, Alex DeWilde, a central New York resident since early childhood. My advent into the world of music and instrument making only occurred in recent years, but it has proven to be a most enjoyable journey.
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BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Lightweight Corded Stick Vacuum | 81L2A NEW!
Jan 20, 2018
Quite a beast of a little vacuum cleaner
After it arrived I unpackaged the vacuum cleaner and gave it a whirl. It was packaged well, easy to assemble, and runs like a champ. The suction on the unit is fairly impressive and it thankfully works extremely well on low pile tight-nit carpet (which had been my one hesitation when ordering this). It does work better on true hard tiles and flooring, but it's still most acceptable otherwise. Noise wise it's very tolerable, was certainly more quiet than the Dyson hair monster that this is replacing. The primary purpose I got this for was pet hair, having both a cat and two great Pyrenees mix dogs that shed fairly heavily. The "hair monster" Dyson we had was a constant battle to cut the hair out from the roller and after years of use was starting to burn out from the strain. This little unit does an amazing job pulling up long, medium, and short hairs (and a surprising amount more dust and dirt than I had seen in a long while) from the low pile carpet. The canister isn't very big and needs to be emptied frequently, but for the price and quality I can't knock it there. About the only things preventing me from giving it a five star rating are the cord length and the upper tank separator grill. The cord is a good 10-15 feet shorter than my previous vacuums which means I have a bit of a plug-n-play game when it comes to vacuuming my area, and with my first attempt I ended up finding out just how short it was when the plug came out from the wall several times. It's something I'll adjust to in time, but I do wish that it had that little bit extra length. The upper tank separator grill, while easy to untwist and remove and clear out any wrapped/trapped/ect dirt and hair and whatnot, is still a little bit tedious compared to other bag-less vacuums I have used. It also tends to make a bit of a mess dumping out the trapped contents on the ground when you have to do it, granted you just re-vacuum that spot and your all set again. It does take some getting used to using it around wall edges, but so far I can't say I'm disappointed in the least with this little vacuum. For the price and performance it's duly impressive and well worth it.
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Aetertek newest AT-918C 2 Dogs Remote shock Training Collar rechargeable 550M
Nov 22, 2017
One of the better training collars for the price
So far I've gone through about half a dozen other model training collars (including a similar model from Aetertek) and I can pretty safely say that this one is about the best so far. The main reason being that it has rechargeable batteries AND does NOT have the extraordinarily annoying "battery saver" feature in the actual collars themselves. Every other unit I've had with the exception of a Cujo control collar (which used regular batteries that were having to get replaced every 5-7 days) had this and without fail every one of those units had very poor gyroscope sensors in them that rarely woke up the collar when the dog started bolting off (they generally all needed to be shaken from side to side which needless to say I've never seen a dog actually do while running like a bat out of you-know-where). It also had the downside that if your dog started just doing something wrong and wasn't running around at all the collars kept remaining off until you manually woke them back up. This one simply keeps the collars awake so you can actually instantly apply whatever correctional behavior is needed, the only thing that does go to "sleep" is the remote which instantly wakes up with any button and doesn't seem to need a second push to activate any of the said buttons. The only real caveat I've found with these is that I need to charge the collars up each night, but I was generally doing that even with my other rechargeable models to begin with so it wasn't anything that I found problematic there. About the only negatives I find with the collar is that the anti-bark feature isn't the most sensitive and effective, often times beeping just from casual movements or scratching and not necessarily activating when the dog is actually barking (probably around 65-75% of the time give or take). The other minor negative is that the biggest button on the remote is the shock button, which unfortunately makes it easier to accidentally hit rather than the beep or vibrate function. However, neither of these inconveniences would cause me to remove a star as this has been worth its weight in gold for me and has allowed having both my dogs (120lb+ great pyr mixes) able to roam freely outdoors with me while doing yard work and other activities and to be able to roughhouse openly in our yard rather than the much smaller fenced area.
Trudeau Stainless Steel 16 ounce Espresso Maker
Jul 12, 2018
Very decent moka pot for the price
All in all in this ends up being a very decent quality moka pot for the price and being of stainless steel construction. It does allow you to fill the water basin with a full 2 cups of water (and maybe another tablespoon or so extra), however that being said when the brew is complete there will be approximately 1/4 cup of water left behind (mostly for safety reasons so it doesn't run dry I expect), so given that you get approximate 1-3/4 cups of coffee out of it at the most. For me this works fine since it's still a very generous sized cup of coffee to go in my big old mugs. Would have been nicer if the siphon tube reached a little lower. Filling the coffee filter I usually just scoop it in loose and level it off with my finger or the back of a butter knife to leave it even. Past that just making sure that the metal edges are free of grounds so they don't interfere with the silicone gasket seal and cause any leaks. Brew time I find is typically around 7-8 minutes when using a fine or espresso grind on medium heat using cool filtered water and with an induction cooktop. With that grind it will pretty much leave the grounds mostly dry afterwards, so you get about the most liquid and flavor out of it. With coarser grinds it will brew faster, but more of the water ends up being left behind in the grounds. I haven't found this to be any slower or faster than our steam extraction coffee maker. I just set the timer on the cooktop and usually have a nice cup of coffee ready and waiting for me in the morning once I get back from taking the dogs out. Cleaning is pretty easy for the most part, particularly on the bottom parts. The top part I usually end up having to use a damp cloth to reach down to bottom and wipe it out, can be a little tricky with large fingers and hands but that's nothing out of the ordinary with any moka pots that we ever had before (just that this one's taller than most being larger capacity). I've been very pleased with the quality of coffee it brews though, much prefer it over the steam extraction coffee maker we had that operates under higher pressure steam. What comes out of this maker has every bit of the flavor and strength with none of the bitterness or sometimes burnt flavor that the high pressure steam extractors can cause.