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We take pride in our committment to buyers, and we believe in feedback. We provide full descriptions, excellent communication, an occasional freebie and NO GIMMICKS!
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Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended.
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Good seller. I would buy from them again.
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I have NOT received this package/shoes!
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Perfectly as pictured and described
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Perfect and fast shipping!!!!!! Thanks again!!!!
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Mar 13, 2014
This book was a tremendously fulfilling read.
This book was a tremendously fulfilling read. I had anticipated the release of this book since the first time I saw a media statement announcing its development. I remember very well the news coverage regarding her abduction and the extensive search that followed for months. Her case captivated me, and held my interest for many years. I continued waiting for books and movies to be written covering her perspective on the ordeal, but as those years passed there was never any new information from her. Of course there were press releases here and there about her going to BYU, then beginning her mission in Paris, etc. But I was dying to know, in her own statements, HOW she overcame such a terrible event in her life, and took such a road that lead her to becoming such a seemingly healthy, balanced individual. So, needless to say, I marked this book’s release date on my calendar, and when the day arrived, I went to my local bookstore to purchase it (yes, a REAL book…not an e-book…because I already KNEW I’d want to have the ability to let my family and friends borrow it). I read it immediately. This book answered all questions that anyone could possibly have had in reference to her case, her character, her strength, her path to healing, and most importantly her faith. Elizabeth is absolutely an inspiration to anyone…not just women, not just others who have been abducted and rescued, not just Mormons, etc. Elizabeth’s unwavering faith, and the examples that she provides throughout this book of specific material instances of her prayers being answered, are enlightening and inspirational. I recommend this reading for anyone, especially those looking for reason and purpose.
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Mar 10, 2014
With newer models available, the iPhone 4s is still a great choice!
With new Apple smart phones on the market, I recently (in the last month) was faced with the decision of having to either upgrade or replace my iPhone 4s (16GB). What happened you ask? After owning the phone for 3 years, I awoke one morning to find that it had 0% battery life. The fact that it was plugged in to a working charger all night made me scratch my head. After verifying that the charger worked (there are 3 other iDevices in my home), I took the phone to a nearby Verizon store and they were able to verify that the phone was "broken." Instead of opting for an eligible upgrade, I decided to replace my aged iPhone 4s with an exact replica. I believe my testimony speaks to the quality of the iPhone 4s. Despite newer (highly advertised) options, I decided that the features of the phone and its overall design were adequate for daily use. I attribute the phone "breaking" to natural wear and tear. The only complaint I have concerning this phone is that the Home Button loses a bit of functionality over time (i.e. in my experience it "sticks" or is not reactive). There are several helpful tutorials online that show the user how to perform "fixes" to this issue and there are several techniques that have been useful. Clean hands and proper storage of the device are likely methods to avoid issues with the Home Button. The iPhone 4s was my first smart phone, and thus because of the application support and user interface was, and is, a supreme device compared to the cell phones I owned previously. Because this review is for the Verizon iPhone 4s specifically, I will also add that Verizon Customer Support is top notch and the service (for all the locations I have personally been) is excellent.
Jul 28, 2014
Consistently produces stellar images
I have owned a Nikon D90 for a little over a year, and I LOVE every aspect of the camera. I purchased it used (on eBay) and, at the time, intended for it to be my “practice” camera as I built a portfolio for my professional photography business. Well, I have been so pleased with the images that I have produced using this camera that the D90 has remained my primary camera for my business (note: I shoot portraits, weddings, events, and products). Although the primary purpose for purchasing the D90 was for the camera itself, I did receive the two kit lenses as well, and there are good things to say about them. I do not use either of them for portraits or weddings; however, I have frequently made use of the 18-55mm lens for product photography, since I don’t need a wide aperture for these photos. The other lenses I use are the Nikon 50mm f/1.4, and Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 (manual only), and I don’t have any immediate plans to purchase any additional ones, simply because of the level of satisfaction I have regarding the quality of the photos produced with the D90 using these couple of lenses. When I purchased the camera it didn’t include a manual, but you can easily download the manual in a pdf file online. If this will be your first DSLR camera (as it was mine) I recommend reading the manual from cover to cover, and familiarizing yourself with each new setting as they are presented by taking photos of something. Using this method, as well as the usual—practice, practice, practice—it took no time at all to master this camera and all its settings. It was so simple to learn the complete functionality of the D90 that in no time I was able to let go of all ‘auto’ settings and begin shooting solely in Manual & Aperture Priority modes…resulting in incredibly sharp images. Perhaps someday I will make the jump to full frame, but for right now I am MORE than confident to continue operating my photography business using this camera due to its consistently stellar performance.
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