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Thanks for buying a SquareTrade warranty. Call 877-WARRANTY if you need help!
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Quick payment. Smooth transaction. Great buyer. Thank you!
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Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.
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Thanks. Great buyer.
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Thank you..Super fast shipping!!!!!
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Jan 07, 2011
Nashika on Display
I bought this camera for two reasons: It was inexpensive and it was unusual. I study different cameras to see what has gone before the current products and to see how specific features have been implemented in various cameras. The purchase served the purpose of teaching me about the 3D cameras and it is an inexpensive conversation piece with other photo enthusiasts. It is not a practical purchase since film developing is gradually disappearing from local stores and the photographs can only be produced by a single company in Canada at a fairly steep price. I own two of these cameras and will not purchase another one unless I sell these cameras at a profit. As a curiosity, it is nice. It is an unusual display item in s photography themed decor or a camera museum.
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May 07, 2009
Magellan GPS for Aviation
An earlier reviewer gave you a detailed use of the Magellan 315 for his aviation uses that was excellent. I started years ago using the Magellan 320 which I bought new for $60.00 when a local pilot upgraded to a panel mount GPS. All I need in my flying is information on direction and distance to a user defined waypoint and estimated time enroute at my ground speed to the waypoint. Using this information, I have an accurate way to estimate risk in completing any given flight. The only problem I have is entering waypoints since I usually have to fly over them at least once before they are in the database. I carry two of these receivers which I have purchased from ebay sellers since they are reliable and cheap enough to own several and they work very well, These receivers are also a great light weight addition to emergency kits for light airplanes. They require the pilots to do a bit of thinking and keep their minds active. In older airplanes with 12 volt systems they work fron car adapters but I use batteries and I do not leave the receivers on for the entire trip once I am established on an accurate course. Protect the screen from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight since this can destroy the screen on a hot summer day. Another excellent use in the car on a trip to the airport is as a substitute for the automobile speedometer. (One of mine is broken.) Is is less expensive than the automobile repair for older vehicles and it works just as well.
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Oct 12, 2014
Good basic investor knowledge simply and accurately expressed
Simply written and very easy to understand. This information lays the groundwork for a good understanding of the mortgage market and for earning money from solid real estate investments. It does not answer all of the questions that an investor might like to ask, but it does stimulate thinking about ways to increase return on your money. Add this book to your basic library and keep asking questions while you are taking action and you should do well. Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power.