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Yoshihiro Aogami Super/Blue Steel, Japanese Style Chef's Knife/WA Gyuto

$169.00 to $209.00

Yoshihiro Blue Steel #2 Black Forging RGB Nakiri 165 mm/6.5" Blue Oak Handle


Yoshihiro Yasuki White Steel #2,KUSP Chef's Nakiri Knife Black Chestnut Handle


Hisashige Pro Japanese Knife,Hi-Carbon Steel, Honesuki/Boning Knife 150 mm/5.9"


Hisashige Japanese Pro Knife,Hi-Carbon Japan Steel,Chef's Knife Gyuto 7.1"-11.8"

$69.00 to $109.00

Hisashige Pro Japanese Kitchen Knife,Hi-Carbon Japan Steel,Paring/Utility Knife

$55.00 to $59.00

Sakai Takayuki Japanese Knife TUS/Hi-Carbon Stainless Steel,Gyuto(Chef's Knife)

$89.00 to $179.00

Misono Professional EU Sweden Steel, Gyuto Chef's Knife,w/Flower Engraving

$129.00 to $139.00

Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef/Japanese Knife,10049 Kiritsuke Yanagi 260 mm, w/Saya


Sakai Takayuki Molybdenum Steel, Honesuki(Boning Knife) Antibacterial PC Handle


Sakai Takayuki/Grand Chef WA/Japanese Style, Japanese Chef's Gyuto Knife

$199.00 to $249.00

NANIWA CHOSERA Super Ceramics Stone with Holder & Dressing Stone

$109.00 to $199.00

Sakai Takayuki Molybdenum Steel, Gyuto Knife Antibacterial PC Handle

$69.00 to $99.00

SAKAI KIKUMORI NIHONKO Hi-Carbon Japan Steel,Professional Honesuki Kaku type


Yoshihiro Hi-Carbon Japan Steel(SK-4), HGB Series Japanese Chef's Knife/Gyuto

$119.00 to $159.00

YuiSenri Yasuki White Steel, KASUMITOGI Chef's Sakimaru Takohiki (Sashimi Knife)

$199.00 to $239.00

YuiSenri Original Aogami Super Clad Hammered Japanese Style Santoku 165 mm/6.5"


Sakai Takayuki Japanese Knife TUS/Hi-Carbon Stainless Steel,Slicer,Made in Japan

$119.00 to $139.00

Sakai Takayuki/Kasumitogi Professional Handle,Yasuki White Steel#3,Japanese Deba

$149.00 to $189.00

Yoshihiro Aogami Super/Blue Steel Clad,Chef's Slicer(WA Sujihiki) 240 mm/9.4"


Yoshihiro 8A Mo.V Steel, INOX 1141 Guaranteed Chef's Santoku Knife 180 mm/7.1"


Yoshihiro Hi-Carbon Japan Steel(SK-4), HGA Series Japanese Chef's Knife/Gyuto

$129.00 to $169.00

Sakai Takayuki Tokujyo,Yasuki White Steel #2, Japanese Style Garasuki Knife

$279.00 to $319.00

SUKEMATSU Gingko Natural Cutting Board (S, M & L Size)

$99.00 to $119.00

Sakai Takayuki/Aogami Super Black Finish Kengata Santoku 160 mm/6.3"


Yoshihiro Aogami Super/Blue Steel Clad, Chef's Slicer(WA Sujihiki) 240 mm


SAKAI KIKUMORI NIHONKO Hi-Carbon Japan Steel,Professional Honesuki Maru type


Sakai Takayuki Byakko/Yasuki White Steel #1, Yanagiba Knife,w/Black Saya Cover

$489.00 to $649.00

KING Japanese Whetstone, KING Hyper #2000 Grit/Medium Finishing


MASAHIRO High Carbon Japan Steel, Professional Gyuto/Chef's Knife

$129.00 to $239.00

Left Handed Yanagiba/Sakai Takumi Ajimasa,Yasuki White Steel/Hongasumi-Finish

$199.00 to $299.00

Hisashige Japanese Professional Knife Hi-Carbon Japan Steel,Slicer/Sujihiki

$89.00 to $99.00

Sakai Takayuki/Grand Chef, Japanese Cook's Knife,Gyuto 7.1"-13.0",Made in Japan

$149.00 to $299.00

SUN TIGER,Silicone Carbide Sharpening Stone No.100/C #80,120&240 (For Repairing)


Sakai Takayuki Ginsan Silver #3 Stainless Kiritsuke Style Yanagiba

$469.00 to $559.00

Sakai Takayuki/33 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto/Chef's Knife w/Zelkova Handle

$159.00 to $189.00

Japanese Chef's tool,"MORIBASHI",Stainless Steel,Black Hexagonal Wood Handle

$70.00 to $74.00

Yoshihiro Japan Steel, New KASUMI Japanese Household Yanagiba(Sashimi Knife)

$99.00 to $109.00

Sakai Takayuki Ginsan Japanese Chef's Yanagiba ,Yasuki Silver-3 Stainless Steel

$319.00 to $549.00

Yoshihiro 8A Mo.V Steel, INOX 1141 Guranteed Home Slicer 210 mm/8.3”


Sakai Takayuki/Kasumitogi Professional Handle,White Steel,Japanese Yanagiba

$129.00 to $339.00

Sakai Takayuki Japan Steel(HAGANE) w/Bolster, Japanese Chef's Knife Gyuto

$89.00 to $199.00

Japanese Knife Maintenance Kit#3,Camellia Oil 100ml & Oil applicator/Aburatsubo


Sakai Takayuki Molybdenum Steel,Yanagiba Knife/antibacterial PC Handle Black

$119.00 to $159.00

Yoshihiro Yasuki White Steel #2,JOUSAKU Japanese Chef's Mioroshi Deba Knife

$309.00 to $439.00

Yoshihiro Yasuki White Steel #2,Unagisaki(Eel Knife) Osaka Style,Hammered 36 mm


SAKAI KIKUMORI NIHONKO Hi-Carbon Japan Steel,Professional Gyuto/Chef's Knife

$89.00 to $219.00

Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef Hien 10547 Left Handed Kiritsuke Yanagi 300 mm/11.8"


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YuiSenri, based in Sakai City, has been Japanese exporter since July,2011, of JP-origin, traditional or new arranged items, focusing on Hand-made by skillful artisans. We have started business in eBay, E’tsy & Amazon since May, 2014.
We are Exclusive distributor of “Sakai Takumi Ajimasa”, as well as authorized distributor of “Yoshihiro” & “Sakai Takayuki”, the leading knife brand manufacuturers here in Sakai.

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